12 Months, 12 Experiences: We've Handpicked The Best Months To Do The Best Things During Your Next Big Trip To Kerala

The beautiful state of Kerala has received many accolades over the years, which also proves that there is so much more to “God’s own country.” In this article, we will take you through a detailed guide on what you can do when you want to find the best time to visit Kerala during any time of the year. This list will include the best months, and their corresponding activities, that you can indulge in on your next vacation to Kerala.

Additionally, this guide will help you capture the essence of the green state, and you may even find some fantastic tour packages based on our list.

Awesomeness: Just another day in Kerala


If you have a day to spend in Kerala and have no idea where to start, then you can visit Kochi because it’s known to be a popular stopover destination. Travellers can visit the various spots for leisure as well as plan one-day business trips. Kochi sightseeing is alive with an energy that can only be deemed as buzzworthy, and there are many spots you can visit on the outskirts of town if you want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city.

Here are places you can visit, if you want to spend a day in Kochi, Kerala-

Fort Kochi:

The infamous Fort is five kms away from town, and it’s located near the cruise harbour of Ernakulum Wharf; which is situated at the end of Kochi. The Fort is a history buff’s dream because of its unique amalgamation of British, Dutch, Arab, and Chinese cultures.


If you have extra time, you can travel about 30 miles from of Kochi and visit Alleppey. Alleppey is a water lover’s paradise, and it’s quite famous for its tranquil and reinvigorating houseboat cruises. If you’re there for only a day, you may not have time to stay at a houseboat, so you can opt for a day tour of the backwaters or visit the well-maintained beaches of the area.

Ezhattumugham Nature Village:

This beautiful nature village is located 47 kms away from Kochi, and it’s a must-visit because of the Chalakudy river that flows through the area. The monsoons are the best time to visit Kerala with family, and you must visit this village. If you love the outdoors and walking through nature, then you will enjoy the area because it’s surrounded by lush forests and a river that has big boulders. Tourists love the river because they can sit atop the stones and relax by dipping their feet in the water.

Now let’s talk about the places to visit with family or friends, in Kerala, all through the year:



Ring in the New Year by visiting Kerala because it’s a perfect time and has the ideal climate for someone who doesn’t like the blazing summer sun or the torrential downpour caused by the monsoon winds. January is great because you will notice clear skies and cool evening breezes while enjoying the activities mentioned below-

It enjoys an unparalleled geographic advantage which means awesome weather guaranteed, anytime.

Sandalwood forests at Marayoor:

Marayoor is known as the hub of sandalwood trees and is one of the best places to visit during January. If you opt for Munnar Tour Packages, then you can visit this location and witness ancient rock paintings that go back to the Stone Age. The place has an ethereal vibe because of the stone coffins and crudely created slabs. You have to see the stone coffins because they reveal underground tunnels that have paintings. These crude illustrations depict scenes from Ramayana and Dwaparayug.

You can reach the Sandalwood forest if you take the route through Munnar, and kids will enjoy the Rajiv Gandhi Park around the forest as well.

You can admire the Adoor Gajamela:

Gajamela is a significant festival that takes place at Adoor; it’s a sight to behold with the nine decked up elephants; the celebrations take place towards the end of Jan. The mela is held to celebrate Lord Krishna and if you’re visiting Kerala during the first month of the year, then ensure that you look up this festival as well because the best time to visit Kerala with family.

The fair is held at the end of a ten-day celebration, and the grand finale is executed with dances, lights, music, food, and so much more.

Kalamachal Hill Station:

If you’re looking for the best locations to visit in Trivandrum, then you have to see the hill station that is covered with greenery and mist. The Kalamachal Hill Station is an ideal place for travellers who want to escape the hustle of city life, and want to unwind in total peace and silence.



If you plan to visit Kerala during February, then you will be greeted by pleasant weather and scenic views. Here are some spots you can visit during this month


Bekal is known for it’s tranquil beauty. It’s located in the Kasargod district in Kerala. Bekal is home to beautiful beaches with sunkissed sand and villages that give out a pristine aura. These villages also include indigenous farming and vegetation. Travellers flock to this place because of historical sites as well.

Take a trek at Wayanad:

Trekking at Wayanad in the month of Feb and March allows travellers to take in breathtaking views without feeling the blazing sun. When you visit these accessible locations in Kerala, you will be welcomed by lush forests, large plantation estates, and trekking plans. February is ideal for visiting Wayanad because you get to witness fantastic birds and animals that can be spotted mostly during this time due to the pleasant weather conditions.

Go sightseeing in Periyar:

Periyar is located in Thekkady and is a fantastic location for travellers who love camping and living an adventurous life. If you love the outdoors, then this spot is perfect for you and your loved ones. You can also visit the Periyar Tiger Reserve and embark on beautiful jungle trails and explore the forest along with swamplands.

Just like Wayanad, you can go on trekking expeditions in Periyar as well; you have to ensure that an experienced guide is with you at all times. You can go sightseeing in the following spots-

  • Kerala spice plantation
  • Cruising along the Periyar river
  • Visit the tea factories
  • Murikkady
  • Calvary Mount

Celebrate colour and joy at Kannur and Kasargode:

You can visit Kannur and Kasargod during Feb and witness the Theyyam celebrations. This is a socio-religious ceremony that brings forth a combination of colour, culture, song, dance, plays, and literature. These two districts celebrate Theyyam with immense vigour in local temples. The participants of this celebration dress up in majestic headbands, breastplates, rouged lips, along with other attractive embellishments.



Before the hot and humid summer comes to Kerala, you can enjoy some fantastic and comfortable vacation moments amidst nature. Pack your bags and head south to God’s own country during March and experience the following locations in all their glory-

Cruise along the Periyar River-

During March, Periyar’s flora and fauna are flourishing, and they stand out vibrantly in the backwoods of the area. So, if you want to take in nature’s wonders, you could opt for a wilderness safari or a heritage bamboo boat ride. The boat ride goes on for about 3 to 4 hours, and it takes travellers through the untamed inroads of the jungle, guided by the flow of the river.

Chettikulangara Bharani Festival:

This is a lively celebration that is organised by many temples and celebrated in March. Travellers go for this festival to witness the parade, exhibitions and firecracker shows. Many avid fans of the celebrations gather at the sanctuary grounds and take it all in.

Visit Meesapulimala to beat the heat:

March symbolises the onset of Indian summers and coastal states tend to get hot and humid. So, if you want to beat the early stages of summer heat then visit Meesapulimala in Munnar. Found atop the Western Ghats, the location is 2,640 feet above sea level. UNESCO also announced Meesapulimala as a heritage location.

Go for Lakkidi:

Lakkidi is a pass nestled in the Western Ghats and its a fascinating spot for local and foreign travellers. This is because the pass has a lot of greenery. You can visit this hill stations and trek to the top, where you will get to see all that nature has to offer.


guruvayur- temple

Kerala is a tropical state, and in April, you will find many unique destinations and activities to take part in. If you love summertime, then April is the best time to visit Kerala weather. Here’s what you can do:

Guruvayur Temple for Vishu Festival:

This town is pretty famous for Sree Guruvayoorappan temple, and many devotees visit this site to pray to Lord Krishna. Vishu is one of the busiest festivals in the state, and the most popular, people are willing to wait for hours to get a glimpse of the “Lord.” Vishu is celebrated to pray for health and prosperity.

Wayanad Trekking:

As mentioned before, Wayanad trekking is a great way to get your blood pumping. Wayanad is known to have the best trekking paths in South India, and you can climb to Chembra Peak, which is one of the preferred tourist spots. You will find a beautiful heart-shaped lake at the top, as well.


Kumarakom in Vembanad Lake is a dream for any traveller who is visiting Kerala in April. This is because of the beautiful backwaters and the surrounding areas. There are many activities you can try out like houseboats, bird watching and visiting waterfalls.



If you have a family, then May is the best time to visit Kerala with your kids because of their summer vacations. Even though May is known to be the hottest month of the year, you can still have plenty of fun without the looming threat of a heatstroke. Listed below are some of the top places you can visit to have some fun in the sun-

Have a fun family time at Wonderla:

This fun-filled amusement park at Ernakulam is one of the most fun ways to beat the heat in May. This is because kids and adults can enjoy many water-themed rides. When planning your schedule at Wonderla , ensure that you prepare for the whole day.

An adventurous Jungle Safari:

If you love outdoor activities and wildlife excites you, then you have to find a travel package that also includes a jungle safari. The main reserve parks are located at Periyar Tiger Reserve and the Eravikulam Wildlife Sanctuary.

Chill away at Marine Drive:

If you’re keen on Kochi sightseeing, then Marine Drive is your go. It’s the perfect spot for a stroll and catching magical sunsets or sunrises. In the evenings, especially on weekends, the boulevard is generally busy with people from all walks of life indulging in congregating at the place to socialise or simply relax. The location is also famous for its Rainbow Bridge and Chinese Fishing Net Bridges, which take the beauty of the area to another level. If nothing, you can simply lay back and munch on some delicious groundnuts followed by boating.



June means that the monsoons have arrived and anyone who wants to travel to Kerala during this time is bound to experience an enthralling time. The South-West winds bring in some much-needed showers that relief from the scorching heat. Here are some exotic destinations that you can visit during this month:

Veli Tourist village:

The Veli Tourist Village is perfect if you want to spend some quality time with your loved ones. It is one of the best places to visit in Trivandrum, and perfect for someone who wants to get away the city because it’s situated on the outskirts of town. The park is excellent for children because of the parks, and it also has attractive ponds, cafeterias, and food stalls as well.


Gavi is a must-visit during the monsoons because it has a wide range of flora and fauna. The location is known to have two Gopher trees that are the only ones of its kind in India. The area is home to many endangered species of plants too. This spot has attracted many tourists during the monsoons, and with the constant rains, Gavi indeed looks like heaven on Earth.

St Francis Church, Kochi:

The St Francis Church in Kochi is one of the oldest churches in India. The Portuguese built it during 1503. If you’re a history buff, then this church and the Santa Cruz Basilica are two places that you must visit. The church showcases old school European architecture and Gothic influence in the artwork as well.



As the monsoons hit their second phase, the showers get intense, and you would think that travelling to Kerala would be impossible. But that’s not true, and you can visit Kerala during July and still have a fantastic time-


July is the best time to visit Wayanad because it has a calming vibe to it that attracts many tourists. You can stay at villas that are nestled between beautiful valleys, go for a stroll through sprawling tea plantations, or stay at a treehouse and go for early morning treks.

Lush tea plantations in Munnar:

Speaking of tea plantations, you have to visit Munnar if you want to have a look at the thriving tea ranches and lush rainforests. The rains take Munnar’s beauty to another level. You can also opt for monsoon treks, climbs, and check out some of the famous waterfalls within the area.

Watch Kathakali in Kochi:

Kathakali is a fantastic dance form that includes artists decked up in extravagant costumes and makeup. Their dance form captures the essence and traditions of Kerala; the performance is taken to another level by artists who dance with grace, enthusiasm, and power.



Kerala looks gorgeous in August because the rains have reduced and the scenery looks fresh and green.

As the third leg of the monsoon season begins, you can visit the following spots to take in the beauty of Kerala:

Nehru Trophy Boat Race-

Unique boats, also known as snake boats, tend to take part in this race and compete with each other to win the coveted Nehru Trophy. This is an annual event conducted in Alleppey, consisting of almost 100 boat riders who collectively row a single 100-foot longboat. The whole event is simply electrifying, and the crowd is on its toes because of the energetic songs the boat riders drum up to rile up their colleagues and also the viewers.

Take part in Aranmula Vallasadhya:

Aranmula Vallasadhya is an religious offering that is made to Lord Parthasarathy – the main deity at the Aranmula temple. This offering takes place during Janmashtami – the celebration of Lord Krishna’s birth. Many travellers from across India pay a visit to the temple to say prayers and immerse themselves in the rich culture and tradition of the place.

Dine at the caves in Wayanad:

The mesmerising Edakkal caves located in the enchanted hills are a nostalgic sight to behold, and should be a must-visit on every tourist’s travel agenda. Monsoon season is the perfect time to visit this spot because of the cold, damp air and the smell of fresh peppercorns mixed with the aroma of coffee beans. You can choose to surprise your loved one with a candlelight dinner at these caves for some truly memorable moments during your stay at Kerala. This dinner spot is accompanied with the soothing sound of waterfalls in the background.

Mithayi Theruvu

You can satisfy your sweet tooth by going sweet shopping at Mithayi Theruvu, also known as sweet street. This lane is the busiest street in Kozhikode, and it was dubbed as a sweet haven because of the variety of sugary treats available in and around the area.




As the monsoon season ends, the clouds disappear to reveal the sun and pleasant weather. You can use these climate conditions to have a pleasant stay at the crescent-shaped beach in the state capital of Trivandrum. The beach is quite popular among locals and tourists because of its picture-perfect topography. You can also have a look at the major attractions that are the Haylon Castle. This Castle is situated at the top of a rock near the beach.


Ashtamudi lake is quite famous for its beautiful homestays and houseboats. This spot is a top recommendation if you’re going to Kerala during September. Since the water level rises after the monsoons, you can spend some time by the bank and indulge in some fishing activities.


This little picturesque town is at a height of 1700 meters from sea level and is nestled amid the Idukki hills. The lake is known for the dam and lake which are majestic in their own way. The spot is fantastic for vacationers who are looking for a relaxing and rejuvenating experience.



October is the month of festivals, and it also makes Kerala the best traveller destination in India. Let’s look at the places you must visit in Kerala during October:

Waterfalls in Eravikulam National Park

The Lakkom Waterfalls is one of the many prominent waterfalls in Kerala that you have to visit when in Kerala. The waterfall is quite invigorating, and tourists can take a refreshing dip or perch on the rocks and dip their feet in (if they don’t know how to swim).

Visit an Ayurveda Spa

If you ever make a trip to Kerala, you have to book an appointment at an Ayurveda Spa. These spas offer various treatments and therapy sessions that allow the body to relax and unwind. You can also indulge in a rejuvenating Ayurveda knead, provided by the specialists.

Munroe Island:

If you’re looking to unwind and not do much on your trip to Kerala, then you have to visit Munroe Island. This is perfect for anyone getting away from the fast pace of the city and wanting to take in some lovely scenery, as well.

Celebrate Navrathri:

The celebration of nine evenings, also known as Navrathri is a famous festival where the Goddess Saraswathi is invited with offerings that include religious books and blessed fabrics



Listed below are the best spots to visit in Kerala, during November:


Munnar is the perfect hill station if you want to get away from city life and reside at an altitude of 1500 to 1600 meters above sea level. If you visit Munnar, you will witness famous flora and fauna species as well.


Vagamon is the perfect place to visit in Kerala if you want to enjoy a cold climate and unwind. It has temperatures ranging from 1 to 23 degrees Celsius, and November is the ideal time to visit this spot. The peaceful climate, winding pathways, beautiful meadows, and vast tea estates, make for beautiful memories.


Also called “the land of Paddy fields”, Wayanad is a paradise for nature lovers around the world. Wayanad is sprawling with greenery and carved Edakkal caves, which is made complete with a beautiful heart-shaped lake on Chembra Peak.



December is the month of joy, and it’s the grand finale to a productive year, so you will need to book a trip that celebrates the last month of the year in style. Here are some fantastic places you have to visit in Kerala during December


If you’re planning on Kochi sightseeing in December, then you must visit the year-end carnival. The carnival is truly a sight to behold because of the bike races, fire dances, beach football, swimming competitions and much more. The 10-day event ends on a high with a magnificent parade complete with floats that represent Kerala, its people, culture, and traditions.


If you choose to take a stroll along pathways that are lined with dreamy palm trees, then Kumarakom is the place to visit. In December, the weather is cool, and the humidity is relatively low, making your stay comfortable and magical. Another bonus of staying at this location is the beautiful backwaters.


Even though its the winter season in India, the state of Kerala is not extremely cold; instead, it has a pleasant climate that allows an ideal stroll along the shores of Papanasam beach. The beach is considered holy by the locals here, and it’s also known to cleanse you of your sins as well. So, you can always visit Varkala and pay your respects to the beach as well


From picture-perfect hill stations to relaxing by the beach, mentioned above are some of the best locations you can visit through the year. Kerala is brimming with tourist hotspots, all through the year. So, start planning today and visit God’s Own Country!

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