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World Tourism Day 2018 - Tourism and Digital Transformation Theme

This year the importance of digital technologies in tourism providing opportunities for innovation and preparing the sector for the future of work.

Here is the example of a tour operator using technology for promoting holiday packages.


The Travel Planners

How Tour Operators can use social media effectively for tourism promotion - best model by an Indian Tour Operator The Travel Planners

The Travel Planners is a leading tour operator in South India. The company has achieved this feat in a comparatively short span of years adapting itself to the changing trends and setting some trends to follow in the industry.

The best ways to attract clients and bring in more to any business is constant interaction, not just through your business, but also using other available platforms, personal or professional. In recent times social media is what guides peoples thoughts and actions the most. People all over the world are dependent on one or many of the platforms and use them constantly to gain information or just to get entertained.

The Travel Planners is active in various platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus and Youtube. Most companies in the tourism and hospitality industry of the region just have a Facebook page (surely the most popular of all) and leave it at that, ignorant about the other platforms and their possibilities of capturing a growing target audience.

There are thousands of followers for the various pages by The Travel Planners across all these platforms – our Twitter page has 14,500+ followers, our Facebook page has 6,200+ fans, our Instagram fans are 2000+, Google Plus has over a hundred followers and 4 lakh plus views of posts, and Youtube channel has over 500 subscribers and views amounting to over 3 lakh.

The Travel Planners use social media not just to advertise or promote our offers, packages, etc., but also encourages people to interact with the page more and gain more information about tourism, culture, and living, sustainability, and responsible tourism across the region, the state, and the nation through images, fun facts, informative posts etc. These activities help us in reaching out to a wider audience and also break the monotony of the kind of posts that people expect from us. Similar kind of posts popping up always from a page might discourage people after a point and hence we try and keep a healthy balance in terms of content provided.

The Travel Planners recognized the great potential that social media platforms provide in reaching more people and interacting with them, at the most effective manner. For example, in the traditional mode of print advertisement, if a potential client had a query, the person should have to find ways to contact the firm and had to wait long for the information. With various social media platforms, the person can just drop in a comment on the post and the firm can communicate instantly. Such freedom and convenience is what The Travel Planners saw in social media and have been using effectively. Such plans and strategies should be what other tour operator should implement if they plan to attract more audience and make them potential clients.

The Travel Planners is in a steady path of growth using the various resources that are available effectively. The company envisages being on this path of development through constant upgrades according to the changing tides in the market and also being a part of a futuristic mission for global progress of humanity.



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