♦ Kerala State Tourism Award for ‘Most Innovative use of Information Technology’

♦ 'Best Inbound Tour Operator Award' from Ministry of Tourism, Govt. of India

♦ Approved by Ministry of Tourism & Accredited by Kerala Tourism

♦ Kerala State Tourism Award for ‘Most Innovative use of Information Technology’

♦ 'Best Inbound Tour Operator Award' from Ministry of Tourism, Govt. of India

♦ Approved by Ministry of Tourism & Accredited by Kerala Tourism

Latest update on Kerala tourism opening: People who have taken at least one dose of Covid vaccine or having Covid negative certificate taken 72 hours before can visit Kerala. Hotels who have vaccinated their staff are opened the hotels in Kerala.

Tourist Taxi Service in Kerala

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We are working as per the bio bubble safety protocols laid by Kerala Government to operate safe tourism with vaccinated tourist car drivers and tour executives.

The Travel Planners owns tourist taxi cars which comply with the safety protocols of transport services in Kerala Government as well as World Travel council safe travel protocols. We have partition in between drivers cabin and passengers seating, sanitisation etc.

If you are looking for safe travel in a taxi to see Kerala or Airport transfers from Cochin, Airport or Trivandrum airport we can provide small and medium cars.


Standard Operating Procedure for Tourist vehicles


  • (i) All vehicles thoroughly disinfected prior to boarding of tourists.
  • (ii) High touch areas (door handles, seats, seat backs, steering wheel, power window buttons, door locks, windows, screens, small portable TV screens etc.) should be sprayed with disinfectant surface cleaner regularly
  • (iii) Hand sanitizer dispenser and masks kept available in every vehicle
  • (iv) AC buses – cleaning of interiors of air ducts on weekly basis
  • (v) Use of disposable seat covers, head rest covers are recommended for all vehicles
  • (vi) Use of fiberglass partition between the driver and passenger’s seat in buses and cars is recommended
  • (vii) Emergency numbers should be displayed on all vehicles and made available with all employees and tourists
Tourist Vehicles
  • (viii) Ensure only two guests are seated at the rear side of a car and guests (not from the same household) are seated maintaining a physical distance of 2 feet in a bus. The social distancing norms shall be changed and aligned according to the directives issued by Ministry of Health & Family welfare.
  • (ix) Ensure all information provided to tourist is strictly through digital means (this may include tour itinerary; safety precautions for hygiene and disinfection)
  • (x) Strictly follow pre-planned itineraries (to avoid peak hours) with minimum layover at pre-determined stops only
  • (xi) Limited use of public transport for large tour groups of more than 10 pax is recommended
  • (xii) Health certificate should be mandatory for all drivers
  • (xiii) Drivers/helpers should always wear masks and gloves and should undergo thermal screening before every new assignment
  • (xiv) Ensure training of drivers in hygiene and sanitation practices and troubleshooting risks



Type of Vechicle Seating Capacity Rate per Day Rate Additional KM Allowed KM per Day
Swift Dzire & Etios 3 1,700/- 12 100
Innova 6 1900/- 16 100
Crysta 6 2500/- 18 100
Tempo Traveller 10 2600/- 17 100
Tempo Traveller 17 3000/- 17 100
Benz bus 26 8000/- 35 100

12 seat tempo traveller


The Force Traveller, also called Tempo Traveller, is a light commercial vehicle (LCV) made and distributed by Force Motors. This vehicle range was based on the popular Mercedes-Benz T1 range.

There are different configurations for different uses (commercial minibus, school bus, ambulance, Quick Response Vehicle, etc.).

Other options include high roof / low roof versions, the short chassis / long chassis versions and the Excel series of commercial transport vehicles.


Toyota Innova


The Toyota Innova is a Multi-purpose Vehicle (MPV) manufactured by the Japanese automaker Toyota. The Innova MPV sold in large numbers in India (where it's known as an MUV)- primarily serving the tourist taxi market and fleet operations of large technology business process outsourcing companies.

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Road trips have their own charm. Have you ever planned an overland holiday alone or with your family? In a diverse country like India, a road trip can open up interesting experiences for you. The sheer diversity of different regions in terms of natural beauty, culture, food, and people can make road trips the best way to explore them. Kerala is one such region in India which is thriving with natural beauty, a vibrant culture, delicious food, and warm people. Travelling around Kerala by road will add another dimension to your holiday.

Road travel is definitely an enjoyable experience but one which also requires a lot of planning. If you wish to get away from the pressures of city life, then adding the stress of planning your holiday to the last detail doesn’t make sense. In such a case, going for a packaged tour can take away the troubles from your head and help you do best what you’re going to do on your holiday - relax.

So, let’s look at what advantages packaged tours have to offer over do-it-yourself tours:

  • Research - Imagine dreaming about basking in a beautiful beach while sipping on a refreshing juice; now imagine the dream breaking with the thought of the painstaking research that precedes it. Yes, sometimes holiday planning can seem a bit of a hassle. But thanks to packaged tours, you can skip that research and leave it for the travel experts. This will save the time and effort you will need to finalise all the final details.
  • Management - Once you’re on a holiday, you’d want to relax and enjoy yourself instead of having to worry about a flight delay or a hotel booking cancellation. Packaged tours reduce the need for such hassles by taking care of all aspects of your travel. So whether it be cancelled hotel bookings or delayed flights, all you have to do is just give your travel agents a call.
  • Tour - It may sometimes seem overwhelming to plan a tour that includes all the major destinations. You may feel that there’s too much to see and may end up missing a few places here and there. Travel experts who organise packaged tours for you generally have a good understanding of each destination and can help you cover all the major places.
  • Services - Sometimes, packaged tours can help you get the best deals which you may not be able to enjoy if you’re travelling independently. For example, a packaged tour may include a spa treatment as an added service.
  • Safety - Every destination has both safe and unsafe places. If you’re travelling somewhere for the first time, you may not know which place is safe to travel and which isn’t. A travel expert, on the other hand, may know which places to avoid and plan your itinerary accordingly. Thus, a packaged tour can ensure you have a safe holiday.
  • Offers - Sometimes when you plan out a holiday or book your tickets yourself, you may lose out on a lot of offers and discounts. In case of a packaged tour, you can get lots of seasonal discounts and the best package prices for your holiday trip.

When it comes to road travel, there are several modes of transport you can use. Buses are one of the most essential modes of travel in India. Apart from state-owned buses, there are several luxury deluxe and super deluxe buses too. Moreover, travel agents and tour operators have a number of tourist buses and run tour bus services for travellers. As compared to state-run buses, it’s better to opt for bus tour packages since they are more reliable, won’t break down suddenly, will have all the comforts and be available at discounted prices. Tourist buses are punctual and leave from specific points. Moreover, they also have an option to store the luggage in a separate compartment or fasten them on the roof. But you’ll have to be careful so that they don’t fall off during rough rides For smaller luggage, you can rely on the compartments inside the bus above the seats, but remember to keep track of them since it’s easy for them to be misplaced during tea and refreshments breaks.

So if you’re still hellbent on that Kerala road trip, you can give booking Kerala tourist buses a thought. There are several options on a tourist bus in Kerala such as air conditioning and sleeper facilities that can make your trip comfortable and worry-free. Booking a small tourist bus for rent will be ideal for you to explore Kerala by road.

Here are some of the service providers you can choose from:

  • 12-Seater Tempo Traveller - This light commercial vehicle (LCV) is also known as Force Traveller and is made on the Mercedes-Benz T1 range. Made and distributed by Force Motors, this vehicle comes in different configurations for different uses such as commercial minibus, school bus, ambulance, Quick Response Vehicle, etc.

Now that you have got an idea of the types of bus you can choose, let’s look at a few precautionary measures you should take before going on a bus trip in Kerala

  • Select your bus very carefully. There are several categories of buses such as deluxe, super deluxe and premium. Make sure you’re aware about the facilities and amenities offered by each of them and weigh the pros and cons before selecting the fine one.
  • Online booking makes more sense when you’re pre-booking your tickets. This is because you can avoid physically standing in the long queues, skip the agent fees, and don’t have to worry about visiting the office again and again for minor changes.
  • Choosing your bus schedule can make a lot of difference in your itinerary. If you’re choosing to travel by day, make sure you choose a window seat since you can get good views of the journey. However, the con is that you may be stuck in traffic and the journey can take you longer.
  • Make sure you know about the stop times for the bus. Bus journeys are generally long and don’t have toilets in them. Thus if you need to visit the loo, you’ll have to ask the driver to stop. Since buses stop only once or twice, make sure you plan accordingly.
  • The same applies to food as well. Buses have only one or two dedicated stops for food and refreshments. So either you can carry your own food supplies or depend on the places the bus will stop for food. Make sure you plan beforehand and check with the driver about the places they will stop for refreshments.
  • Since the journeys are long and arduous, make sure you get down and stretch your joints once in a while so that your body doesn’t feel cramped.
  • Packing is an important part of road travel. It doesn’t make sense to pack a lot of stuff because one, it will be difficult to fit them into the desired space and two, it will be difficult to manage and keep an eye on. Make sure that you don’t have more than two pieces of luggage. The bigger luggage goes in the compartment outside the bus while the hand luggage goes above your seat. Packing light will be easy to carry and look after.

Your transport options are not limited to bus though. You can also drive through the scenic destinations in Kerala in a car. Kerala has several car rental agencies which you can book. However, when you’re booking it’s important to choose only the licensed and authorised ones as they have more chances of being reliable in terms of finance, safety, and timeliness.

Since Kerala sees a lot of tourists, both domestic and foreign, cab services are in huge demand. Both hotel agencies and travel agencies offer cab services as part of their packaged tours. Choosing cabs as a part of packaged tours can be a really convenient option for travellers.

Oftentimes, your travel agency or hotel can offer you a list of car rental agencies to choose from. All licensed and authorised car agencies will have the following:

  • A minimum fleet of 50 cars
  • Air-conditioning in at least half of them
  • An office, reception, locker, washroom, and garage in their branch
  • Special car registration plates



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