♦ Kerala State Tourism Award for ‘Most Innovative use of Information Technology’

♦ 'Best Inbound Tour Operator Award' from Ministry of Tourism, Govt. of India

♦ Approved by Ministry of Tourism & Accredited by Kerala Tourism

♦ Kerala State Tourism Award for ‘Most Innovative use of Information Technology’

♦ 'Best Inbound Tour Operator Award' from Ministry of Tourism, Govt. of India

♦ Approved by Ministry of Tourism & Accredited by Kerala Tourism


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Book your Tour Package to Kerala with The Travel Planners and board your flight to Kerala. We will ensure your Kerala trip safe and comfortable.

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After the pandemic Unplanned trips will now be replaced by a fully planned holiday, no more can one reach a destination without pre-booking a hotel. It may be difficult to find a tourist cab if not pre-booked as there is a shortage of good tourist vehicles.

The advantage of booking the holiday trip with us is that we make your hotel bookings personally with the reservation manager at each hotel and he is well aware of the bookings and he will be in touch with our driver to know your check-in time and before you arrive the rooms will be ready and easy check-in is possible. When hotel booking platforms are used there is no personalized help and if something goes wrong you need to find the customer care number and have to wait for the call to be answered.

We have our fleet of cars and coaches with very friendly English-speaking drivers who make your trip memorable.

Our Tour managers are very experienced and professionals available for any assistance.



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Safe Travels Stamp


The Travel Planners rewarded Safe Travels Stamp from World Travel & Tourism Council for implementing safe & hygiene covid-19 protocol.

The Travel Planners

Our C.E.O Mr. Anish Kumar receiving 'The Best Inbound Tour Operator in India' Award


Kerala Family Tour
Mr. Anish Kumar receiving State Award for 'Most Innovative use of Information Technology'



" The Travel Planners is committed to providing high quality travel solutions which meet and exceed our customer expectations... "
This is achieved by: Providing reliable, prompt, consistent, and customer friendly quality services well qualified and experienced staff to deliver the best services
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Responsible and sustainable Tourism initiatives by The Travel Planners got appreciation by Department of Tourism and RT Mission



An ISO 9001-2000 certified Tour Company started in the year 1999, as a specialized Tour Operator for South India. We are now South India's leading specialists in tailor-made holidays to the state. Travel Planners has grown to become one of the leading and most respected operators recognized by the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India. We are the fastest growing Tour Company in Kerala with the mission of providing unique tours and are best known for our personalized and professional tour services.

  • 1) Our Team - Our Team of Tour Executives are well versed in planning and executing Holiday packages in India. We have professional and friendly drivers who speak English and with years of experience.
  • 2) Responsible tourism - We run all our trips in as responsible a manner as possible, socially, culturally, economically, and environmentally.
  • 3) Awards -
    i) KERALA STATE TOURISM AWARDS on 26 Dec 2016 for the "Most Innovative use of Information Technology".
    ii) NATIONAL TOURISM AWARD in the category of 'Best Inbound Tour Operator in India' 2009-10 from the Ministry of Tourism, Govt. of India
    iii) The Best Innovative Tourism Product Award from Kerala State Govt 2006 - 07.
    iv) BEST INBOUND TOUR OPERATOR -- SOUTH INDIA, by Express & Galileo Travel World Awards 2007-08.
  • 4) Recognitions - Recognised by Ministry of Tourism Govt. Of India, Member of Kerala Tourism Accredited Tour Operator, IATO, ATTOI, CATO.
  • 5) Unmatched Value - At The Travel Planners, we provide the best value for money when you travel with us. Our affordable packages are made for people who want to experience a luxury and comfortable service without the premium charge.
  • 6) Guaranteed Satisfaction - The satisfaction of our clients is our top priority - always. All of our services from travel to hotel bookings are structured in a way to provide the most convenient travelling experience to our clients. Get the most fitting experience that's worth your money.
  • 7) Financial security - We provide complete financial security for all our clients and adhere to all government regulations concerning the safety of our clients' money.


(Our CEO Mr Anish Kumar.P.K. receiving Kerala State Tourism Award for 'Best Innovative Tourism Product' 2006-07)


As founder and CEO of The Travel Planners, I have dedicated my career to providing positive travel experiences to couples, families, and groups since 1999. With a dedicated team with over 20 years of experience, you can be assured every aspect of your tour will be handled courteously and professionally. We believe our attention to detail is what sets us apart and is the driving force behind a successful tour. We invite you to contact us to learn more about the many advantages of traveling with The Travel Planners and to discuss your future travel needs.

Best Tour Operator

Anish Kumar.P.K

Want to experience quality holiday or vactions travel?

Let's get it planned and executed in best way while you enjoy the journey. or while you enjoy the comfort pf being worry-free.


India - A Hub for Safe Travel, Healthy Food and Destressing

You can travel safely in India, despite the COVID-19 pandemic. Private car rides are available for your peace of mind. India's taxi services are some of the cheapest in the world, so you can see everything India offers in comfort, privacy, and affordability.

Indian food is also loaded with powerful immune boosters like garlic, turmeric, pepper, and other spices. Not only will you be sampling the incredible tastes unique to India, but during your stay, you will also provide your body with vitamins, minerals, and nutrients known for their ability to ward off disease.

If your vacations are all about destressing, finding yourself, and escaping the chaos of the modern world, then you won't find a better location for finding inner peace than India.

The Indian people have been using ancient wisdom like yoga, meditation, and Ayurvedic medicine to calm the soul and restore balance. They are more than happy to share it with travelers from around the globe.



The Travel Planners Team

Travel Planners Team

Have you ever dreamt about exploring India with your friends or family? For a country as beautiful as India, it’s common to want to experience it with your close ones. And when it comes to natural beauty, God’s Own Country i.e. Kerala can’t be far off. Many people are wooed by the enchanting beauty of the green state. Kerala sees many tourists all around the year, coming to experience its backwaters, mountains, lakes, forests, and wildlife.

Kerala is truly a diverse state that opens up a plethora of experiences for the traveler. Located in between the Arabian Sea and the Western Ghats, this gem is famous for its popular beaches such as Varkala, backwaters such as Alleppey, hill stations such as Munnar, and forests and wildlife such as Periyar.

Perhaps the best way to enjoy this natural paradise is with an ideal tour operator. Several renowned tour operators in Kerala offer several packages to help you explore the state. Many of them have won a lot of awards for their excellent service. For example, Kerala Tour Packages is a Kerala tour operator that has won a National Tourism Award for being the Best Inbound India Tour Operator.

Choosing the best tour operators in Kerala from a handful can be a painstaking task. No doubt, choosing an organized tour is the safest and most convenient medium of exploring a destination. Opting for the right tour operator can transform your holidays from forgettable to a life-altering experience. That’s why we have tried to make your job easier by putting together a list of all the points you should consider before choosing the best Kerala tour operator for your trip.



Trust plays an important role whenever you’re choosing any tour operator. If you’re trusting your tour operator to plan out your holiday and paying them for it, it’s necessary to be sure about their reputation. A tour operator’s reputation can’t just be figured out from their website, online presence, or how they appear on their social media channels. You can find out about their reputation from reviews by other travelers and by listening to what they are saying about the company.


While it’s not wrong to try and seek the maximum pleasure from your trip, you must not compromise your security during your travels. You’ll have to choose a tour operator who’ll give priority to your life and property. This is especially true in case you’re booking any adventure packages. A quality check you can do is to find out whether the company is a registered member of IATO (Indian Association Of Tour Operators) or not. Also, you must ensure that the tour operator follows the security guidelines laid down by the Government of India.


Most probably, the first thing you look at when you choose a package is its price. The budget is an important factor while planning any trip. So your choice of the tour operator will also be someone who’ll be able to match your budget. There may be times when you can be overcharged instead of the amount mentioned in the tour package. In case you have any questions regarding the tariffs, it’s best to check with the tour operators upfront. However many tour operators are transparent about the costs involved and don’t include any hidden costs. Once you have the tour costs figured out, you’ll have the majority of the work done and will prevent any future hassles.


The reason you’re opting for tour operators is that you want to have a good experience on your holiday. Check the itinerary beforehand to be clear about how the tour operators have planned your sightseeing. It shouldn’t be too rushed or too time-consuming. It should cover all the destinations you want and leave breathing space for rest. Also check for how many co-travelers are included, in case it’s a group tour.

Choosing the ideal tour operator isn't an easy business. There’s a lot of research and understanding required since the success of your trip depends on it.

If you’re planning to travel to Kerala, you can check out the itineraries offered by Kerala Tour Packages. We are an ISO 9001-2000 certified tour company that started in the year 1999, as a specialized tour operator for South India. We are now South India's leading specialists in tailor-made holidays in the state. We have grown to become one of the leading and most respected operators recognized by the Ministry Of Tourism, Government of India. We are the fastest growing tour company in Kerala with the mission of providing unique tours and are best known for our personalized and professional tour services. Here are a few salient features of our company that makes us one of the best tour operators in India:


Frequently Asked Questions

How to pick the best Travel agency in India?

There are professional Tour operators / Travel agents in India providing quality services. Tips for picking the right tour operator

1) Reviews
Check the Trip Advisor reviews and reputed tour operators have highly rated reviews by their customers.

2) Years in Business
If the Travel company is operational for the last 10 years or more, it might be an established Tour Operator.

3) Financial stability
Check whether they own their fleet of tourist vehicles, own offices, and own hotels.

4) Government recognition
Government of India approved Tour operator, National Tourism award winner, etc shows the quality of the Tour operator.



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