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Review on Tripadvisor

Review on Tripadvisor

“We have been travelling around the world, for 10 months now and we have done many tours. This tour in the south of India has been one of the best we have had.”
(Trusha, Australia)

Worlds greatest places to visit in 2022 - Time magazine

KERALA – Worlds greatest places to visit in 2022 – Time magazine

Time Magazine has choosen 50 extra ordinary destinations to explore in 2022, Kerala and Ahamedabad from India are among the list.

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Is Kerala safe to travel?

Considering the current situation in Kerala, it’s perfectly safe to travel to Kerala now. The Kerala situation now is quite stable and you can confidently make your travel plans to this destination. If you’re a solo traveller, you don’t have to worry since there are local-run homestays in Kerala where you can stay during your travels.

Keralites are some of the warmest people you’ll meet who will also guide and assist you during your stay in the region. If you’re a female traveller, then also you don’t have to worry since the law and order situation is very good here. Moreover, all state and government officials ensure that law and order are strictly followed and that all tourist destinations are safe for travellers. Kerala is perfectly safe for foreigners from countries such as the USA, Europe, UK, Australia, and China and they are welcome to come and explore the state.

Kerala – a safe travel destination

Kerala is one of the safest destinations to travel in India. It attracts tourists from all over the world who flock to it for experiencing its enthralling natural beauty and culture. This paradise on earth is rich in backwaters, diverse flora and fauna, forests, tea plantations, and rivers. So much so that it was awarded as “one of the ten paradises in the world” by National Geographic. Over 10 million tourists visit Kerala to experience its unique attractions of lagoons, backwaters, and tea plantations.

Not just that, there are several unique factors that give an added edge to tourists planning to visit this place:

  • As per the National Sample Survey Office (NSSO), it’s one of the cleanest states in India
  • It’s a melting pot of Ayurvedic culture where age-old Ayurvedic techniques are used for medical and beauty treatments
  • The state has the highest female-to-male ratio
  • It has the highest literacy rate in the country (93.91%)
  • It’s a state with the highest number of festivals celebrated
  • Almost half of the state is covered with backwaters
  • The state has the lowest infant mortality rate
  • The state is known as the spice coast of India
  • As per the Transparency International Survey, Kerala is the least corrupt state

If you still have the question “Is it safe to travel to Kerala?” or “Is Kerala safe?”, then you don’t need to worry anymore. You can start planning your trip.

Best time to visit Kerala

Kerala has pleasing weather throughout the year. The best season to visit Kerala is from September to March. The weather is comfortable during this time, but not hot. If you’re planning on some Ayurveda treatments, then the monsoon season between June and August is ideal.

Travel Safety in Kerala

Now that you know it’s safe to travel to Kerala, you can plan your trip without a worry. However, do keep in mind these points before you travel there:

  • Although Kerala has an equitable climate throughout the year, don’t forget to pack in warm clothes if you’re going to Munnar or Thekkady as the temperatures are lower there
  • Foreigners need to apply for a visa 14 days before their date of travel from the nearest Indian Consulate
  • Avoid unsafe drinking water from the streets
  • International tourists may face jet lag as India’s time zone is GMT/UTC +5.30. So try to acclimatise yourself with some food, sleep, and rest.

2019 rain affected Malappuram and Wayanad district.

There were landslides and but it is not affected any of the tourist destinations. As of today its vey sunny and life is normal. Now its safe to travel.
Monsoon is also an ideal season to enjoy exploring Kerala. The vegetation and natural surroundings of God’s Own Country turn all the more alive when it rains. Since Monsoon is over it is time to visit Kerala.

Kerala now safe to travel

What makes Kerala the safest destination in Asia?

Kerala is a leading tourist destination in India. What makes Kerala unique and safe.

Munnar Hill Station

1) 100% literate people and highly educated people 2.4million Keralites are working abroad , Indian doctors, nurses and top level administrative positions in leading MNC, s are occupied by people from Kerala

2) Most of the people speak English language.

3) Women Empowerment is highest in the country

4) Kerala is known as God’s Own country because of the Loving and friendly people.

5) The local people are getting the benefits of tourism due to various Responsible tourism initiatives. Make a point to book a village life experience package or a stay with local family to support the responsible tourism initiatives.

6) Kerala has high standard of living, so there is fear of any diseases which are epidemic in nature.

If you are a solo women traveller, Kerala is a safe place to travel.

We would suggest you try to dress modestly. Don’t venture out alone at night or roam around in lonely alleys all by yourself.

Plan your trip with us to have a helpful travel partner on your side who provides extensive support and tips not just for your safety but also to ensure you will have an amazing time during your solo female travel in India.

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