Andaman Island

Havelock Island

Experience the allure of Havelock Island, amidst the unexplored waters of the Andaman Sea.

1400 kilometres from Mainland India lies the mystical Andaman and Nicobar Islands with the Bay of Bengal to its west and the Andaman Sea to the east. An archipelago made up of 572 islands, the Andamans is the quintessential getaway for the traveller hungry for experiences in nature, or the wanderer looking for their next escape.

These stunning islands boast cerulean seas, exotic marine life, littoral (wetland) forests just waiting to be explored, Havelock Island is one of them. On the eastern face of Havelock Island is the two kilometre long Vijaynagar Beach (Beach no: 5) with pristine white sand, tranquil blue waters, and awe-inspiring panoramic views of the island’s landscapes; and it is on these shores that CGH Earth’s Tilar Siro Andamans finds home.

The name comes from the original inhabitants of the Andaman archipelago, the Great Andamanese Tribe, who referred to the island as ‘Thi-Lar-Siro’, ‘Thi’ means Earth, ‘Lar’ means from and ‘Siro’ means Sea. For the Great Andamanese Tribe, it was the land emerging from the sea, or the land facing the open sea. Recorded in oral history of the Great Andamanese Tribe, they would go hunting for turtles in the waters surrounding this island.

Thil-lar-siro is also known as the island of turtles. Tilar Siro Andamans captures the signature CGH Earth spirit – while enthralling you with an undiluted Andamans experience.Andaman Island Tour

Camouflaged by tropical foliage that weaves around the resort, the spaces here leave much to discover in every corner. Hosting 25 rooms that stand on stilts with minimalistic luxury, this latest addition to CGH Earth exudes warmth, an understated elegance and a sense of calm. You are met with stunning views regardless of where you are in the resort, be it the open-air deck, the pool, the restaurant, the lounging space, or the balcony of your room.Andaman Island Tour


Fresh seafood is the highlight of the Tilar Siro menu. It also features regional and international cuisines that take your taste buds on a memorable journey.Andaman Island Tour


Days can be filled with as much adventure as you want, or none at all. Havelock Island’s mystical allure doesn’t stop on the shores; for what it offers on land is but a subtle introduction to what lies beneath its crystal-clear azure waters.

A diver’s paradise, it is reputed for offering an enchanting diving experience regardless of one’s proficiency or skill level.

Tilar Siro has partnered with the renowned diving company, Lacadives. They offer a number of PADI certified diving courses to explore the deep reaches of the Andaman Sea. From introductory courses for beginners, to challenging deep dives for experienced divers, we offer customised diving packages to our guests.Andaman Island Tour

Nature expeditions and Birdwatching: The Andamans is home to 242 species of birds. Go on a guided birding tour through Havelock Island and familiarise yourself with the island’s aviary residents. Explore Havelock Island’s mangroves and wetland forests where the breath-taking sea Mohua trees grow.

CGH Earth’s Tilar Siro is a perfect amalgamation of ocean and forest, where nature aims to delight the seekers, thrill the adventurous soul and soothe the hurried urban nomad, seeking respite from the bustle of city life. With the slow pace of island life, Tilar Siro brings to you the bounties of the Andamans in a riveting combination that is as scenic as it is serene.Andaman Island Tour





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