Wandering through Wayanad: Your complete guide to Kerala’s best kept secret

Let’s be honest. Traveling is the true essence of life. There isn’t any other hobby as much refreshing as packing the bags and getting out of your home in the quest of discovering the unknown. It is a given that people can’t resist the opportunity of traveling. But what seems to be a challenge is being able to detect a less-traveled tourist destination. After visiting only the popular areas around the globe, it often becomes necessary to visit less popular places just for feeding your sense of discovery

What a true traveler wants is to be able to travel to a place that a handful of people know about. And why is it so? Well, there is a sense of adventure associated with the concept of visiting a place that’s not explored by many. First of all, there are a lot of things that happen unexpectedly in these kinds of trips. Second, there are certain areas that haven’t experienced human footprints for decades, which ensure that these places are kept clean. Now, what else can you desire than a remote area with zero pollution? One of such places that you must visit this year is Wayanad.

Wayanad; for those who don’t know the place already, is situated along the southern coast of India in the state of Kerala. Those of you have already been to Kerala before, must agree to the fact that this particular state is one of the cleanest areas you can find in the country. But if you haven’t set off on any Wayanad tour packages before, and wish to visit the place soon, this article should put to ease any questions you probably have about your travel to this magical place. So, let’s not waste any time and get started in the first instance.

First of all, we must disclose that Wayanad is one of those secret destinations in India that has long been kept hidden from the grasp of the wanderers. One of the best consequences of such a feat is that the place’s beauty is kept intact, without much pollution happening around the area. Whether you wish to plan a solo trip or a tour with your friends and family, Wayanad is the perfect destination that you might want to travel to this season.

Over the years, most people like to travel to Kerala only by getting attracted by the heavenly beauty of Kochi, Munnar and Allepey. Amidst the popularity of these crowd favorite destinations, Wayanad has always been kept in the shadows. There are just more than enough places in Wayanad that you must visit at least once in your lifetime. With so many resources and wild experiences waiting for you, you shouldn’t miss out on this opportunity to visit the most awaited travel destination in Kerala.

Just because Wayanad isn’t considered to be a popular destination for travelers, it doesn’t mean that the place doesn’t experience too many visitors all year round. There are still wanderers who visit this place just because they are passionate about traveling to remote areas and the lesser populated ones. If you are one of those travelers, we welcome you open-heartedly to this unique natural factory of unlimited wildlife and refreshment resources.

Now, before getting into a detailed discussion about what to expect from this particular tourist spot, you might want to get a glimpse of the activities that you can perform in this area. First of all, if you are a wildlife enthusiast, there are loads of activities waiting for you. For instance, you can opt for a trekking session, a jungle safari package, camping, and many more. And when it comes to the natural attractions present in this specific part of the country, you would be astonished to find that there aren’t any natural attractions that Wayanad isn’t equipped of. Be it a handful of lakes, waterfalls, mountains, or any other features, Wayanad offers everything to its travelers. So, the next time you pack your bags to unveil your inner nomad make sure to put Wayanad in you go-to list as a priority.



Depending on the place you are travelling from, there are multiple avenues of travel that you choose in order to reach Wayanad. If you are travelling from Bangalore, there are multiple bus services that can take you to your desired destination. And if you are travelling from a different state that’s far away from Kerala, you can definitely opt for a train or flight. Multiple flights and trains operate between different states, and you can get a hold of the perfect booking once you get in contact with a reliable travel consultant. In this regard, we are pleased to announce that we can assist you with all your travel requirements. We have multiple services that will take you to the heart of Wayanad and that too in luxury. There’s everything available for every person, irrespective of their budget. So, when you are about to travel to Wayanad, resources of traveling is one of the tasks that you need to worry less about.


Now comes the biggest attraction in Wayanad that single handedly drives maximum tourists to this amazing place. Yes, you guessed that right. It is the rich wildlife that Wayanad offers its travelers. And guess what, you would be amazed by the spectacular events that continue happening every day in the dense forests of Wayanad. Be it a cave, or a wildlife sanctuary, and even picture-perfect dams, there are just too many attractions to keep you engaged throughout your stay at Wayanad. So, let’s dive deep into the places that you must visit when you are traveling to Wayanad.

Edakkal Caves


Trekking the Edakkal Caves is one of the most sought after experiences that travelers seem to enjoy when they visit Wayanad. Indeed, it is one of the best experiences you can expect in Wayanad, especially if you are a trekking enthusiast and an adventure lover. There are many other places to visit in Wayanad, but the Edakkal caves simply make it to the top of our list based on multiple reasons. First of all, you get to see nature like never before, when you are trekking in this specific part of Kerala.

And more importantly, you get to experience the true essence of travel. In case you were wondering how far the cave is located, let us explain this is a few sentences. First of all, depending on the area you choose to stay in; the distance of this natural marvel tends to fluctuate. For instance, if you decide to reside in Sulthan Bathery, you would require traveling 13 km towards another town, called Ambalavayal. The distance isn’t much, and there are reliable transport facilities available that would take you to the spot in no time. In this case, you would require consulting with your travel agency. They would arrange everything to make your journey an easily accessible experience.

Now, let’s talk about the process of reaching to the trekking area and getting indulged in the trekking activities. If you already don’t know, the Edakkal caves are an undisputed part of the Ambulkuthy mountain ranges. In order to reach the mountain and the destination that hosts the Edakkal caves, you would require climbing the steep peak for about 40 minutes to an hour. You would require some basic fitness, which is not a concern for seasoned travelers, and especially trekkers would find the experience to be heavily rewarding. In this regard, we would like to warn you about the consequences of the trek that the people with a weak heart can experience. If you are not accustomed to trekking, you might soon start losing your breath, and the trekking program might not suit these people. Hence it is a personal recommendation on our behalf to the fellow readers that they keep the older people out of this trekking program to ensure better living.

The Edakkal caves are more like a cleft that is approximately 100 feet in length, and the main attraction of these caves is that the internal walls of this natural wonder are heavily crafted with primitive human art, which is also referred to as the cave man’s art. Once you get into these caves, a blended feeling of thrill, adventure, and joy would eclipse your heart, and the chances are high that you wouldn’t want to leave the premises any time soon. It’s easy to lose yourself to the natural beauty of the caves, and we are pretty sure that you would want to visit these caves multiple times.

One of the other major attractions of these caves is the culture of the primitive men that is displayed through their cave artwork. If you are a history enthusiast and have an interest for early human civilizations, you would get satisfied to the fullest by being able to witness the most amazing artworks that the primitive men have left behind for the future generations to see. There are multiple complex and simple drawings that the walls of the caves houses.

For instance, you would be amazed to see some spectacular geometric shapes that these men had drawn, which pretty much describes the mysterious thought process that these men used to experience. And since there were no official languages yet developed during that period, it often stays a mystery for the travelers when it comes to decoding the real hidden meaning behind these drawings. In this regard, let us disclose one fact about these cave arts. Circular patterns are the most common shapes of drawings that one can see on the walls. And, we guess this resembles the use and discovery of wheels.

Now, that you are already willing to travel to this part of the state where some of the most amazing natural wonders are waiting for you, let us quickly talk about the rules that you must adhere to when visiting the Edakkal caves.

First of all, you must ensure keeping your mobile phones and cameras switched off because it is strictly prohibited to click photos when you are inside the cave. But in this regard, if you are a photographer with a keen interest of documenting every site you travel throughout your lifetime, you are allowed to purchase a special ticket that gives you the permission of shooting. If you get hold of such a special permit, you can definitely click photos and shoot short videos for your next YouTube project.

Once you have entered the caves and explored the entire premise with an in-depth view, it’s time to come out of the caves and experience the breathtaking view of the surroundings, from the peak of the mountain. We can assure you that you would be mesmerized by the spectacular view that this particular area has to offer. Just don’t forget to take a selfie and share it on Instagram to make people crazy about the natural beauty you just experienced.

In this regard, there are a few things to keep in mind. After 5 pm, entry to these caves is restricted, and hence, you should plan your trip early in the morning. Planning an early trip during the daytime would ensure that you get enough chances to explore the hidden beauty of the place and also would ensure that you spend some quality time along the hills without the need of rushing for the last-minute entry into the caves.



People mostly travel to this amazing natural destination with the desire of unveiling the rich wildlife resources that exist in this particular area. One of the many natural places to visit and get amazed is the Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary. For those who are interested in nature and wildlife photography, this place is an absolute delight and would offer you more scenic beauties than any other place around the country. And, as we mentioned earlier, this part of the country is one of the least visited areas. As a result, there are a lot of new things to experience. And more importantly, you would be able to experience nature like never before.

Another feature that might interest you on your travel plans is the fact that the Wayanad sanctuary provides shelter to numerous wild species that include some of the most majestic animals as well as birds and plants. Therefore, for a nature lover, it’s an absolute delight. One of the major attractions is the elephants found there. If you are lucky enough, you can even spot a tiger as well as a bison. For that, you must spend at least two days for exploring the forest. There are high chances that you might get an opportunity to share the screen with some eminent animals that are found in the forest. And guess what, if you are looking for an elephant safari, consult your travel agent beforehand so that the company can assist you in booking dates with the elephant ride providers. Because of the demand, sometimes waiting for the last moment for booking such a ride might not help you get a booking.

If you are residing in Sulthan Bathery, the closest entry gate would be the Muthanga gate. In this regard, we would like to recommend you that staying in this particular town would be the best idea if you are willing to avail the forest trip as well as a tour of the caves that we mentioned above.

Another town that is in close proximity to the Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary is Mananthavady. In this case, the closest entry gate to the sanctuary is the Tholpetty gate. This wildlife tour is a must if you wish to unveil the greatest thrilling experience that Wayanad has to offer. Get ready to breathe in some fresh air and witness the lowest possible pollution rate amidst the greenery that Wayanad offers.



One of the other major attractions in Wayanad is the Chembra Peak as well as the Heart Lake. Get ready to climb to an altitude measuring 2050 meters. And the most amazing part of the trek is that once you reach on top of the peak, you would be able to view the amazing landscape of Wayanad, as the Chembra Peak happens to be the topmost point in existence as far as the geographic dimensions of the place are concerned.

Well, in this regard, it is worth mentioning that in order to be eligible to visit the Chembra peak, you must get yourself a valid ticket that you can access in exchange for a minimal amount of INR 750. Without this ticket, you won’t be allowed to reach the mountains. And guess what, with a single ticket, a group of a maximum of 10 people can enter the premises. Therefore, the cost per person is way lesser when traveling in groups.

Along with the ticket, you would be provided with a guide who will accompany you. And in this case, it is worth noting that no visitor is allowed beyond a certain point without a guide, which means that it is mandatory to take a guide along with you.

Since you need to pay INR 750 even if you are a solo traveler, we recommend that you meet some people and get into their group so that the costs of visiting the Chembra Peak and the Heart Lake don’t hurt your pockets.



Now that you are well aware of the wildlife attractions that the place offers you, it’s time for some religious interventions. As you know, Kerala houses some of the most prominent religious destinations available in the country. Now, if you are in Wayanad, get ready to fulfill your religious desires, as you get an opportunity to visit the most sought after Jain Temple, which is located in the town of Sulthan Bathery

This specific ancient temple was built in the early thirteenth century, which makes the destination a fairly old enough place. One of the major attractions of this particular temple is its amazing architectural beauty. The influence of this architectural marvel has derived inspiration from the builders ho residing during the course of the Vijayanagar Empire. And that is prominently visible in the type of artwork displayed along the walls and roof of the temple.

And now, let us move forward to the most interesting aspect behind the naming of this temple. The name Sulthan Bathery; the town, has been based on the fact that Tipu Sultan; one of the most legendary warrior kings in the Indian history, used this temple as his ammunition battery. The Jain temple holds some significant history, and hence, it makes our list as the major religious point that a traveler like you might consider visiting.



It’s quite obvious that you might be feeling too excited to visit Wayanad at this moment. But before you start your travel, here are a few things to consider. Make sure that you carry a jacket and more importantly, well-equipped traveling boots. In this case, you would require traveling through the rough terrains of Wayanad. Hence a pair of solid trekking boots are a must.

Make sure that you carry adequate quantities of mosquito repellants, given the presence of toxic insects inside the forest. In case you are willing to undergo a camping session, carry a flashlight, as it is easy to get lost in the dark.

It is a sure way to predict that a trip to Wayanad would offer you maximum opportunities for adventure. Now, if you are an adventure lover with lots of interest for natural expeditions, make sure that you book your travel packages at the earliest stage possible. Also, don’t forget to carry some of the essential medicines. And how can you forget about the importance of carrying a camera, when such a thrilling tour awaits you? We wish you an amazing trip ahead. Let the hidden beauty of Wayanad amaze you.

Dive into nature’s lap and enjoy life like never before!

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