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♦ Kerala State Tourism Award for ‘Most Innovative use of Information Technology’

♦ 'Best Inbound Tour Operator Award' from Ministry of Tourism, Govt. of India

♦ Approved by Ministry of Tourism & Accredited by Kerala Tourism

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Which are the best tour packages for Kerala?
Last updated: 11 Jun 2022


'To Travel is to take a journey into yourself'- Danny Kaye

Travel is not just about exploring new places, instead of exploring yourself. When it comes to travel, one of the most exotic destinations for travelling In India is Kerala- God's own country. It is marked with greenery, vibrant cities, traditional culture and a long coastline with spice and tea plantations. It has all the features that make it the ideal destination for a relaxing vacation with family and friends. A perfect Kerala tour package can give you lifetime memories of beautiful moments.

In this article, we will give you five reasons to travel to Kerala, the information about the best Kerala tour packages and must-visit sites in Kerala in detail.


Which are the best tour packages for Kerala

Five reasons why you should travel to Kerala?


  • To relax at the backwaters- The blissful backwaters in Kerala have numerous houseboats to relax in the middle of the soothing crystal blue water. You can take time to sit down, spot beautiful flora and fauna and have authentic lip-smacking cuisine.
  • Explore the extensive wildlife- Kerala has more than 25 wildlife sanctuaries. You can see wild animals, rare species, Migratory birds and birds stunning nature. Some famous sanctuaries in Kerala are Mangalavanam Bird Sanctuary, Mathikettan Shola National Park and Periyar Tiger Reserve. etc.
  • Which are the best tour packages for Kerala

  • Be a part of rich culture and traditional heritage- Kerala is also known for its well-preserved art and culture. You can look at them at museums and traditional dance centres in the state. It houses folk dances that are more than 1000 years old. Interestingly, the rich festivals of the state like the Onam and Kerala boat festival are globally famous, and you must visit them. There are a lot of old ports and forts that stand as an ancient treasure of the state, like Santa Cruz Cathedral Basilica at Fort Kochi; and the Dutch Palace (also known as Mattancherry Palace) in Kochi.
  • Stroll through the Hill stations- After beaches, Kerala is known for its enchanting hill stations like Wayanad and Munnar, known for tea and spices plantations, exotic flora and fauna with beautiful jungles and waterfalls that seem to come straight out of a fairytale.
  • Taste the authentic food rich in local spices- Kerala is known for its spice plantations, and it has preserved the ancient recipes from the past. So, you can get a chance to taste one of the freshest seafood in the world on a banana leaf. Even the south Indian cuisines with stew, puttu, ghee roast dosa and sambar will steal your heart.
  • Which are the best tour packages for Kerala

These are some of these compelling reasons to visit Kerala. Next, let us tell you about the best Kerala tour packages.

    Which is the best tour package for Kerala?

    We have listed some of the best Kerala tour packages that cover the important destinations and local experiences of the state.

  • (1) Kerala Honeymoon packages: Munnar and Alleppey for Rs. 28 500 (2 Adults) - This special honeymoon package covers two crucial places of Cochin and Munnar with a classic houseboat experience. So, you will get an opportunity to explore the romantic hill stations of Kerala with the local natural beauty. There are jungle safari, visits to gigantic cliffs, tea and spices plantations, sightseeing and much more included in this package.
  • (2) Kerala Honeymoon package: Munnar and Thekkady for Rs 23,700 (2 Adults) -In this great and affordable package, you get an opportunity to visit Cochin, Munnar and Thekkady. You can visit and see the 'popular China nets' in Cochin and visit the Mattancherry Palace from the 16th century. There are pleasant drives to waterfalls and big mountains with boating and visits to Eravikulam National Park and tea museums in Munnar before ending with a luxurious houseboat experience.
  • (3) Package to Kerala: Munnar and Kumarakom Honeymoon for Rs 23,800 (2 Adults)- It covers the destinations of Cochin, Munnar and Kumarakom. You can visit summer resorts of British administration that give colonial vibes with a visit to rolling hills, breathtaking waterfalls, picture postcard style hamlets and unending valleys like scenery. Moreover, you will experience visiting the stunning backwaters in Kumarakom with a network of streams, canals and lagoons.
  • (4) Wayanad Honeymoon Package: Wayanad is a beautiful hill station in Kerala with ideal gifts from nature. There are high hills, stunning waterfalls, the biggest dam on earth and some significant museums. Also, there are wildlife sanctuaries, Jain Temple, Edakkal Caves, beaches, heritage sites and Phantom Rock site for having a more romantic experience of Kerala.
  • Which are the best tour packages for Kerala

  • (5) Kerala tour package: Kovalam and Alleppey- This package covers the major sites of Kerala like Trivandrum, Kovalam, and cochin. You can visit some of the best beaches in the world with sightseeing at the state's natural heritage. The package covers visits to the 260 years old Padmanabha Swami temple, Puthan Maliga Palace Museum, Zoos and art galleries. You can relax with an opportunity to visit the backwaters in Alleppey, visit the oldest church in India and Portuguese Houses.

These are some of the best Kerala tour packages for a wholesome experience of visiting the different sites and participating in multiple local tourist activities like boating, jungle safari and sightseeing in the state at pocket-friendly costs.

Summing up,

We have reached the end of this article. We hope you have got some excellent suggestions for the best Kerala tour packages to experience the backwaters in their genuine sense. Kerala has a treasure of rich culture, historical heritage, natural wonder and authentic local experiences that makes it a must-visit place. Also, the relaxing and soothing atmosphere with a peaceful surrounding in Kerala makes it an ideal holiday choice.

Do you plan to get the best, most affordable and most comprehensive Kerala tour package?

Kerala Tour packages are your ideal partner to book and travel a trip to the exotic state designed with decent stay spots and handpicked local experiences by travel experts. You get multi-day trips that cover all the essential activities, locations and experiences that give you an immersive look at the rich land of Kerala.






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