11 Places you Can't Miss in India

Did you know India has been ranked as one of the top 10 countries around the world for cross country travel? There is no one reason to visit India because it has everything that you would look to have on a good trip. There are beaches, mountains, rich wildlife, spiritual places, religious destinations, culinary delights, exotic islands, adventure activities etc to name a few. At the same time, India is a vibrant, colorful and exciting place to visit.

In this blog, we will give you 5 reasons to travel to India and details about the top 11 places to visit in India.

5 compelling reasons to visit India

India has been the home to one of the oldest civilisations in the world with a rich historical heritage. Its landscape ranges from snow-clad Himalayan hills in the north to coastal beaches in the south, from the deserts and busy cities in the west to tea plantations in the east. So, let us give you 5 compelling reasons to visit India.

  • For having relishing food – India is known for its flavorful and diverse variety of food. The daily meal includes roti, dal, rice and vegetables. But, it has a set of traditional meals that includes Mughlai food, coastal cuisine and hilly cuisine. At the same, you cannot manage to miss the typical Indian street food.
  • Attend stunning festivals – India is home to diverse cultures and religions. The people celebrate and worship multiple festivals like Holi, Diwali, Onam, and Ganpati festival among others. They are a mix of colour, light, traditional sweets, and much more fun.
  • To experience the street culture – India is a crowded country, but this forms the interesting street culture of the country. Tourists must visit the busy streets of India with roadside shops, stalls, vehicles and much more for a offbeat experience.
  • To explore the rich history – India has a long and rich history of art, dance, and music. The country was home to royalty that ruled for thousands of years and left behind multiple monuments and palaces. You can explore the fascinating collection of architecture and a variety of cultural forms.
  • It’s pocket-friendly – The Indian currency is a little weak compared to those of the developed countries, which makes a trip to India more economical.

These reasons might have convinced you to go to India, so let’s tell you about the top 11 places to visit in India.

The top 11 places you must not miss to travel in India

Among the countless places that you can visit in India, the 11 places worth visiting are:

  • Kerala – The exotic backwaters of Kerala have a mesmerising network of rivers, lagoons and streams. One should not miss visiting this place on a trip to India. There are houseboats, floating villas, rolling hills, breathtaking Hill stations and stunning palm-side beaches in Kerala. At the same time, its coastal cuisine, tea plantations and spice farms make it all the more special.
11 Places you Can't Miss in India
  • Agra – Agra should not be missed in this list because it houses the most popular Taj Mahal in India. This one of the seven wonders was built by Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan for his third wife considered as a symbol of love. This beautiful white structure has detailed interiors, enchanting gardens and unmatched beauty. It is close to other historical sites built by the Mughals like Akbar’s tomb. Due to its popularity, thousands of tourists visit the place and there are multiple luxury resorts and hotels for a comfortable stay.
11 Places you Can't Miss in India
  • Goa – The exotic beaches and vibrant party culture of Goa makes it a must-visit place. Also, don’t miss out on visiting the beautiful islands near Goa’s coast. Goa is the smallest state in India and its tasty coastal cuisine is a must-have meal. At the same time, you can relax during the day in the tropical paradise, with pleasant weather and clear blue water. At night you can enjoy the popular yacht and resort parties of the state.
11 Places you Can't Miss in India
  • Varanasi – You must take part in the aartis at the ghats of Varanasi near the sacred rivers. Also, walk along the Ganga ghats lit up by Diya at night. It is the city of death and rebirth with multiple temples, holy ghats and holy men. The colourful markets in Varanasi offer a good shopping experience for purchasing local goods.
  • New Delhi – The capital city of New Delhi is a blend of a modern city with a rich historical heritage. So, it offers a wide range of options for tourists to visit like the red fort, India gate, Jama Masjid, Qutub Minar, Lotus temple, Chandni chowk etc. This city is a metropolitan city that is connected with all the major cities of India with a rail and air network. At the same time, in the past, it has been the royal seat for the rulers of India like the Mughals, Afghans and the British.
11 Places you Can't Miss in India
  • Rajasthan – Rajasthan which means the land of kings has witnessed the kingdoms of several brave kings and queens of India. This royal state is known for its golden deserts, royal palaces, rich history, lively festivals, state forts and fascinating culture. For tourists, it offers some of the best mansion resorts, pristine lakes, jewellery shops, handicraft markets and historic places.
11 Places you Can't Miss in India
  • Rishikesh – If you are looking for a spiritual destination, you must never fail to visit Rishikesh in India. This town located at the foothills of the Himalayas is situated along the holy river Ganga which is the perfect destination to engage in spiritual activities along with nature. It is a centre for yoga and pilgrimage which makes it a unique place for tourism.
11 Places you Can't Miss in India
  • Amritsar – Amritsar or the Jewel of Punjab is known for the amazing golden temple. It is a holy site for the people of the Sikh religion and its breathtaking beauty makes it an unforgettable sight. The city is known for its authentic Punjabi cuisine and one can even go and see the Beating Retreat Ceremony at the Attari border with Pakistan in Amritsar. There is the historic Jallianwala bagh that witnessed a massacre under British rule with interesting local markets to engage in some shopping.
  • Darjeeling – The hill station of Darjeeling in West Bengal is known for its green tea plantations and snow-clad peaks. At the same time, there are Buddhist monasteries to visit with multiple adventure activities for tourists. You can enjoy a bike ride, trekking or hiking experience with a ride on the popular 140-year-old toy train.
11 Places you Can't Miss in India
  • Kolkata – The third largest city of India is Kolkata was the capital of the British rulers for years before they shifted to Delhi. For this reason, you will find British influence in some of its architecture, buildings and monuments. The city is bustling 24/7 with lavish restaurants serving authentic Bengali cuisine. Also, there are multiple museums, galleries and the popular Victoria Memorial in the city.
  • Sikkim – The last name on our list is the hidden gem of Sikkim. It’s nestled in the Himalayas known for its captivating natural beauty, tea gardens, picturesque landscape, tea gardens and snow-cold peaks. Also, there are some ancient Tibetan Buddhist sites, pristine lakes and natural parks for a wonderful trip. 

Among all these places, Kerala ranks at the top for its diverse landscape and multiple tropical experiences that it offers to tourists. If you are planning a trip to Kerala, you can get a comprehensive tour package from Kerala tour packages. Their experts have carefully designed affordable tour packages that will take you through the best places and experiences of God’s own country.

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