Things to Do While you're on your Kerala Honeymoon

Weddings are a tiring affair that entirely drenches a bride and groom. So, a honeymoon is an ideal opportunity to spend some private moments to bond, relax and know more about each other. It is the chance to strip off the tiredness of the wedding affair and look upon things planned for the future. A honeymoon trip is an old tradition that dates centuries ago and has become a modern trend because couples even prefer to travel for pleasure now. It gives time for undistracted quality time with a chance to give space to the new relationship. A perfect destination for this trip is Kerala or God’s own country with exotic and tropical beauty, diversified landscape and unmatched beauty.

In this blog, we will tell you about the unknown facts regarding Kerala and the top things to do on a trip to Kerala.

Things to Do While you're on your Kerala Honeymoon

5 unknown facts about Kerala

Before embarking on a trip to Kerala, it is important to know more about the place for a more fascinating trip. Some background information about Kerala will help you understand the land, its culture and its people in a better way.

  • It’s also known as the land of elephants – Just like the land of coconuts, Kerala is also known as the land of elephants. The reason for this is that more than 700 elephants roam in the state that is owned by religious institutions. At the same time, elephants are the emblem of Kerala.
Things to Do While you're on your Kerala Honeymoon
  • Kerala has the richest temple in the world – An fascinating aspect about Kerala is that it houses the richest temple in the world that is the Padmanabhaswamy Temple. It has assets of gold and precious stones that make it the wealthiest religious institution.
Things to Do While you're on your Kerala Honeymoon
  • It is the top 5 travel destination in the world – Kerala finds a position in the top 5 travel destination of the world as per lonely planet in 2016.
  • Kerala houses the most unique villages in the world – Kerala has the most unique villages in the world Kodinhi village and the Marottichal village. In marottichal village, 70% population plays chess which was used as a medium to free the youth from alcohol addiction.
Things to Do While you're on your Kerala Honeymoon
  • Home of herbs – Also, known for its Ayurvedic treatment, Kerala has a treasure of natural and medicinal herbs. Multiple herbs like Bharangi, Cinnamon, Turmeric, Brahmi, Ashwagandha, Amalaki, and Phyllanthus Amarus etc grow in Kerala.
Things to Do While you're on your Kerala Honeymoon

After knowing about the most interesting facts about Kerala, let us now tell you more about the best things to do on a Honeymoon trip to Kerala.

Top 8 things to do on a Honeymoon to Kerala

Kerala has a treasure of geographical diversity and rich heritage that makes it perfect for honeymoons. God’s own country has pristine beaches, treasures of Ayurveda, houseboats, hills, mountains and much more. This tropical land can be the perfect romantic escape for a honeymoon. So, if you are planning a honeymoon trip to Kerala, some ideal things to do can be:

  • Relax in Wayanad – Wayanad is a hill station in Kerala on the border of Kerala and Tamil Nadu with the gift of nature. You can reach Wayanad from Kozhikode into the mesmerising mountains of Wayanad. These rolling hills and thick forests with unending plantations and wildlife are the perfect places to relax for a new couple after their wedding. The experience of exploring the natural elements with your partner can be an amazing time for a couple.
Things to Do While you're on your Kerala Honeymoon
  • Try adventure in Munnar – The Hill station of Munnar offers different types of adventure opportunities to couples. You can go for mountain biking, river crossing, jeep safari, camping, trekking, bamboo rafting etc among others. It will give some fun moments and an enjoyable experience to the couples.
  • Explore the traditional villages of Kerala – The backwaters in Kerala are adjacent to numerous small villages and rustic hamlets with different people and cultures. You can go on a village tour in Kerala and have homemade food with a local family or see their fishery and agricultural models. This experience of their lifestyle with surely remains etched in your heart forever.
Things to Do While you're on your Kerala Honeymoon
  • Relish some palm wine – The palm wine or locally known as toddy is made from the sap of coconut palm trees in Kerala. It’s an alcoholic drink like sweet nectar that is fermented and as a couple, you can relish some palm wine together. It can be complemented by the amazing cuisine of Kerala.
  • Have fun at the beaches – The uncrowded beaches in Kerala give some time to a newly married couple to spend isolated moments away from the busy places of cities. There are different beach shacks and shops that give it a more authentic vibe. These plam-side beaches with cliff settings will make you ask for more.
Things to Do While you're on your Kerala Honeymoon
  • Spot rich wildlife – There are multiple national parks and sanctuaries in Kerala. For instance, the Periyar national park has multiple attractions, artificial lakes and diverse species of wildlife to go an interesting eco-tourism experience in Kerala for couples.
  • Hang out with elephants – An offbeat experience in Kerala can be having fun with elephants in Kerala. The state is also known as the ‘land of elephants’, and there is an elephant junction in the periyar national park to feed elephants and click pictures with them. At the same time, you can ride or bathe with an elephant which will be a unique experience.
Things to Do While you're on your Kerala Honeymoon
  • Watch breathtaking waterfalls – Kerala has a store of multiple cascading waterfalls like the Athirappally Falls which resembles the Niagara falls. It creates a majestic atmosphere and is a great place for a picnic. Although swimming and dipping are prohibited for the safety of the tourists, you can spend some good quality moments with your partner here.
Things to Do While you're on your Kerala Honeymoon

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