How much does a Kerala tour cost?

Do you feel bored and tired of your regular life? Are you looking for some break from your hectic life to relax? Jobs and business have become complicated to manage in complex modern life. But, often, this becomes boring, and the only solution to refresh yourself is a short vacation break.

A vacation reduces stress in life and gives a new perspective and time to go back and work with a clear mind. Interestingly, people who don’t take a vacation can develop low sleep and high-stress levels that can harm their health. Also, long working hours without breaks affects a person’s productivity. But, a good vacation can improve your productivity with a fresh approach. Consequently, you get a reason to spend some time in a calm atmosphere without tension.

If you are planning to take a break from your hectic life, then you must schedule a tour to Kerala, God’s own country. In this article, we will tell you why you should tour Kerala, the cost of a Kerala tour package and tips to save money for a Kerala tour in detail.

How much does a Kerala tour cost

Why choose Kerala for a short vacation?

Kerala, or the backwaters of India, is one of the most prefered spots for vacation in India. Kerala has a moderate climate with stunning blue beaches and long, soothing coast with backwaters. Also, it has rich wildlife with green hill stations that makes Kerala an ideal place to visit.

You can experience ancient culture in modern, vibrant cities in the state with authentic coastal cuisine and colourful festival life that makes it a worth visiting state. Accessible stress-relieving opportunities in Kerala are Ayurvedic massages with refreshing tender coconut water along the serene coastline. It has excellent spice plantations with lush palm trees to spend some quality time with your family or friends.

So, you might have got detailed information about Kerala for tourism purposes. Next, we will tell you about the average cost of a Kerala tour package.

How much does a Kerala tour cost

How much does a Kerala tour cost?

The average trip cost for a Kerala tour is Rs. 2000/per day based on the expenses of other visitors. Let us give you a breakdown of these average daily expenses:

  • Rs. 595-600 for meals in a day
  • Rs. 315 for daily travel in local transportation
  • Rs. 1700 for a couple stay (per week)

As per this calculation, a one-week vacation trip to Kerala will cost Rs. 12,000-13,000 for one person. Consequently, the Kerala tour package for two people costs around Rs. 25,500 for a couple. But, the prices are subject to change as per your diverse spending.

If you travel with a child, the cost will not increase considerably because the ticket costs and stay expenses are more minor. So, we can say Kerala is more affordable than other tourism spots.

We have shared the details for the average cost for a Kerala tour. Next, we will tell you about the prices of Kerala tour packages for a comfortable stay.

What is the average price for Kerala tour Packages?

There are different Kerala tour packages based on the stay duration, sites to visit and tour type.

  • A deluxe five-night and 6-day tour Package with 3 locations costs Rs. 25,000- 40,000.
  • A deluxe nine nights and ten days package of 4 to 5 locations costs Rs. 50,000.
  • A standard three-night, a four-day package of 1 or 2 cities costs around Rs. 10,000-15,000.
  • A Standard five-night, 6-day tour Package with 3-4 locations costs Rs 15,000-25,000.

These are some standard Kerala tour package prices that can differ in additional expenses. Next, we will tell you tips to save money on your Kerala tour.

How much does a Kerala tour cost

How can I save money on my Kerala trip?

Some tips to save money on your Kerala trip are:

  • Plan your trip– Planning will help you follow your budget and look for places to save money.
  • Choose hotels wisely- You must choose your hotels wisely because it has a considerable impact on your budget. You can choose a standard or deluxe hotel with good reviews.
  • Use public transport- The cost of public transport is more affordable than private transportation.
  • Take a suitable Kerala travel package– Choosing the ideal travel package per your needs can reduce your expenses and help you spend at the right place for a memorable tour. The tour packages are carefully drafted to serve the needs of the guests.
  • Prefer local services- You must prefer local services for food and accommodation for a more authentic and pocket-friendly experience.

Now, you know how to save money on your next trip to Kerala. Also, let’s tell you about the Best Season to visit Kerala.

What is the best season to visit Kerala?

The best time to visit Kerala is the monsoon season. It has two rainy seasons, one in June and the second one in mid-October. There is no constant rain like in other states; instead, there is a typical pattern of monsoons. There is occasional sunlight, cool darkness and an average temperature of 29 to 30 degrees Celsius that can enhance your trip and make it more worthwhile. This season is marked with the Onam festival, scenic waterfalls and bright greenery. Also, this is off-season time, so there is an excellent chance to get hands-on discounts for food, accommodation and shopping purposes, decreasing your overall expenses.

Summing up,

We have reached the end of this article. We hope that you would have got to know about the cost of a Kerala tour package in detail.

Do you want to take an affordable Kerala tour package and spend some good time with your family or friends in the lap of backwaters? If yes, then you need to contact Kerala tour packages for some carefully designed and pocket-friendly deals to travel in Kerala and make lots of memories in God’s own country. At the same time, you can take a short break from your hectic life away into the lush green nature and some adventurous experiences.

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