How To Choose Your Tour Operator

It’s the time of the year you were eagerly waiting for. After wading through all the working days, you’ve finally arrived at your most awaited holiday. Sometimes, just the thought of going on a holiday is enough to keep the blood rushing through our veins. It’s time to look forward to some rest and relaxation.


Deciding to go for a holiday is fine, but when it comes to planning for it, it can seem like a headache. If you too feel overwhelmed when it comes to planning your holiday, you are not alone. This is where tour operators and travel agents come in.

Researching and figuring out their trip to the last detail may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Travel experts make it easier. You just need to mention your preferences to the travel agent and they will customise the perfect package for you.

For example, if you’re travelling as a family, then you can choose a package that covers the interests of everyone in the family. Again, if you’re travelling for a short period of time, then select an itinerary that doesn’t waste time but cover all the important points.

But to get the package of your choice, you’ll have to choose the right tour operator too. There are several tour operators in India who provide a wide range of packages and tours. But before you can choose the ideal India tour operator, there are a few points you have to keep in mind.

Here are the list of points to consider before choosing the best tour operator for your trip:

  • Cost – One of the primary factors that concern you whenever you’re planning a trip is the cost. In fact, budget is the primary thing that guides you in your decision to select the ideal package, and consecutively, your tour operator. There are many cases where tour operators overcharge instead of the mentioned amount in the package. Most often, the question is about providing value for money to every traveller. For example, in the package, they may mention a five-star hotel but actually put you up in a two-star hotel. Or the fee on the overhead may be higher than mentioned. You must check if the travel agent is transparent in showing the prices and costs. It’s important to clear any doubts you have with regards to their prices beforehand. Make sure you check if there is any additional prices you need to pay after you arrive. Some travel agents don’t include the park entrance fees or toll fees in their package; make sure you’re aware of all these inclusions and exclusions from beforehand. This is also a reason why some tours seem cheap while others don’t. Enquire to find out about any hidden costs that the tour operator may have included in the package. Once you’re clear about the cost factor, all the other things will fall into place.
  • Target Audience – Tour operators generally have a wide number of packages and tours that cater to a large number of audiences. Some packages may be for history buffs, some for honeymoon couples, some for short stays while others for long vacations. You need to make sure that the package you choose meets your needs and preferences. Imagine booking a group package for your family only to land up with a partying young student group. Again, imagine being a young couple on honeymoon and being clubbed with a bunch of old couples. That’s not all. Make sure the accommodations selected also meet your requirements. You wouldn’t really want to land up in a hostel for backpackers on a honeymoon. So, whenever you’re selecting a particular travel agent, make sure they put you in a group with the same demographics or travel purpose.
  • Safety – You should also consider the safety aspect of your trip while selecting your travel agent. It’s important to choose a tour operator who prioritises your safety over everything else. This holds true if you’re booking a package to a remote location or one that includes adventure sports. One of the factors that prove the legitimacy of a tour operator is being a registered member of the IATO (Indian Association Of Tour Operators). You must also check whether the tour operator follows the safety guidelines laid down by Govt. of India.
  • Reputation – Checking the reputation of a tour operator is extremely necessary before going ahead with them. Trust is a crucial factor in determining the best tour operator for your trip. Before entrusting a travel agent with your trip plans and the money, make sure they’re dependable. Most often, a website, customer reviews, and social media presence give an idea about the company. You can also check out how other sites or travellers are reviewing the tour operator or what their opinions are about the company. Many people review only when things have not been okay. Reading other traveller’s experiences can give you an idea about the possible situations that may go wrong and be prepared for it.
  • Itinerary – Mostly your idea for booking your holiday is to relax. However, if your holiday also seems like a race to cover all the destinations, it’ll rarely feel relaxing. This is why it’s important to take a look at the itinerary that’s offered by the tour operators. Take a look at how the travel agents have planned your schedules. Is too many things packed together? Does travelling take up a major portion of your trip? Are all the points too rushed? Make sure that the itinerary you’re choosing leaves some breathing space amidst your sightseeing so that you don’t tire out from all that travelling and actually get time for some relaxation.
  • Local Guides – There are a lot of wonders out there in the world. If you’re spending a lot of money and time to explore these places, you deserve to get accurate information. This is also a point to keep in mind while choosing a travel agent. Make sure that they choose local guides who are knowledgeable in the history and culture of the region. Many tour operators hire non-experts who share erroneous information about a place and misguide you. Ensuring that a guide is a local or at least a long-term resident ensures the authenticity of the information they share and a better understanding of the area they belong to.
  • Group Tour – If you’re going for a group tour, then you need to check the size of the group before going ahead. If you’re okay with a bigger group, then you can choose that, again if a smaller group suits you, then you can plan accordingly. Large groups would obviously focus on the more touristy places, bigger and more commercial accommodations, and eat at the touristy restaurants. Smaller groups, on the other hand, are generally easy to manage and also have minimal impact on the environment. Moreover, they also focus on more curated experiences.
  • Environment – Ecotourism is a growing concept among travellers today. With more and more travellers focusing on responsible travel, it has become an important factor for deciding on which travel agent you would go for. Of course, you wouldn’t want to be a part of a company which goes around destroying the ecological balance of a place. On the contrary, you would be interested in a company which, for example, encourage you to avoid plastic, use local guides, reduce waste, etc.

If your holiday plans include the beautiful state of Kerala, then you have several package and tour options to choose from. There are several tour operators in Kerala who offer you exotic experiences that you can cherish for a lifetime. Among them, Kerala Tour Packages is one of the best tour operators in Kerala who have been providing packaged tours since 1999. We have also been awarded as one of the best Kerala tour operators several times and have been the recipient of several prestigious honours. Here are some of the features of our company:

  • Team – We have a stellar team of individuals who are experts in Kerala and have been planning tours in the state for many years.
  • Responsible Tourism – We believe in sustainable tourism and all our tours are focused on social, cultural, and environmental development.
  • Awards – We have received ‘The Best Innovative Tourism Product Award’ from the Kerala State Govt. in 2006-07. We have also received the National Tourism Award for being the ‘Best Inbound Tour Operator in India’ in 2009-10 from the Ministry of Tourism, Govt. of India. Other awards conferred upon us are the ‘Best Inbound Tour Operator in South India’ in 2007-08 and the ‘Kerala State Tourism Awards’ in 2016 for the ‘Most Innovative Use of Information Technology’. We are also recognised by prestigious bodies such as the Ministry of Tourism Govt. Of India, Member of Kerala Tourism Accredited Tour Operator, IATO, ATTOI, CATO

Not only do we match all the criteria mentioned above but also provide you with an intriguing insight into the wonderful world of God’s Own Country. In case you have any questions about any of our trips, you can speak to our representative at this link

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