Must-Visit Pilgrimage Destinations in Kerala: An Off-Beat Tour

If you are planning a Kerala tour, your prioritised destinations will most likely be the emerald backwaters, the stunning beaches or the majestic mountains. But have you ever thought about the rich religious culture and locations this southernmost state offers? Probably not! So, if you are looking for an affordable package for the Kerala tour, make sure it includes at least some of these Hindu pilgrimage sites that will allow you to have an intimate look at the state’s religious wealth.

Sri Padmanabhaswamy Temple

Must Visit Pilgrimage Destinations in Kerala: An Off-Beat Tour

This is a devout destination for Hindu devotees in Thiruvananthapuram. The temple is known for its religious importance and architectural brilliance. It is a pious religious site dedicated to Lord Vishnu and is popular among Hindu pilgrims. The temple hosts two main festivals in Kerala, the Panguni Festival and the Alpashy festival, which are usually celebrated during October or November and March or April, respectively. So ensure that your affordable package for the Kerala tour includes Sri Padmanabhaswamy temple, as it is a must-visit that will help you soothe your mind, body and soul.

Guruvayur Temple

Must Visit Pilgrimage Destinations in Kerala: An Off-Beat Tour

This temple, dedicated to Lord Krishna – an avatar of Lord Vishnu- is in Guruvayur. Most of the top Kerala holiday packages include this temple in their plan since it is one of the most visited pilgrimages in Kerala. Visited by thousands of devotees daily, it is also referred to as the ‘Dwarka of South India’ or ‘BhulokaVaikunta’, which translates to the Holy Abode of Lord Vishnu on Earth. The Guruvayur temple has been following puja rituals for more than 5,000 years. Although it allows only Hindus to enter the temple, non-Hindus also visit due to its historical and cultural significance.

Sree Parassinikadavu Muttappan Temple

Must Visit Pilgrimage Destinations in Kerala: An Off-Beat Tour

Visiting this temple will offer you a bizarre encounter since you will find alcohol or liquor being offered to the Gods. Yes, devotees flock together in the temple and offer alcohol or liquor to Lord Muthappan. As per legends, doing this fulfils all the wishes of the devotees. Another unique feature you will find is the statues of dogs on either side of the main entrance of the temple. Sree Parassinikadu Muttappan temple is located 20 Km from Kannur on the banks of the Valapattanam River and is visited by devotees from all religious backgrounds.

Sabarimala Sree Ayyappa Temple

Must Visit Pilgrimage Destinations in Kerala: An Off-Beat Tour

This is among the most sacred and highest-visited temples perched at a hilltop in the Western Ghats. Dedicated to Lord Ayyappa, the temple is nestled amidst dense and rugged settings. Devotees must traverse the main temple complex on foot and worship with full devotion and spirituality. Male devotees mainly visit it, and it opens twice a year during the festivals of Mandal Puja and Makar Sankranthi Puja, i.e., between November and January. It is located in the Pathanamthitta region of Kerala. The devotees are required to wear black or blue dresses with sandalwood tilaka on the forehead, and they should avoid shaving or using any kind of footwear till they visit the holy temple.

Summing Up

None of the top Kerala holiday packages is complete without at least one of these holy destinations. These religious sites will give you the peace of mind that your body and soul yearn for and leave you enchanted with their architecture and cultural beliefs.

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