Kerala on Two Wheels - The 10 most beautiful places to cycle

Kerala is a paradise on earth. It is known for its majestic hills, mesmerizing backwaters, beautiful temples, mighty forts, picturesque coffee plantations, exotic flora and fauna, and secluded villages. It is home to the majority of Malayali speaking people. The people in Kerala are bound by deep-rooted cultural values. The intriguing charm of Kerala attracts tourists from all over the world year after year. It is one of the top tourist destinations in India where people keep coming back for more. Whether you are looking for a trip with your family or a group of friends or looking to enjoy a memorable honeymoon, Kerala never fails to surprise you. Kerala is well connected by rail, sea, air, and road, which makes it convenient for people from different parts of the world to reach here without much hassle.

Kerala Tourism Packages

package-tour-in -Kerala

The best way to visit the beautiful places in Kerala is by availing a package tour in Kerala. For people visiting the state for the first time, this is absolutely essential to enjoy a pleasant trip. Local tour providers in Kerala are well versed with the local attractions and ways to reach them when you book a holiday package with them; they can take care of your travel, food, and accommodation while you keep making beautiful memories with family and friends. For people travelling to Kerala from states outside the southern provinces, the best way to reach here is by opting for a flight to any of the four international airports located in Kannur, Kozhikode, Kochi, and Thiruvananthapuram.

There’s so much to see in Kerala that you will need a minimum of 4 to 5 days to explore at least some of it. Most people believe that Kerala is best to visit for nature lovers or art lovers, which is not entirely true. There’s no doubt that Kerala is blessed with nature’s bounty and showcases some excellent Dravidian craftsmanship, but this state is equally rewarding for all adventure lovers. Kerala is known for being one of the most naturally beautiful places on earth. Every city, town, and village in Kerala looks like painting with the beautiful houses, lush greenery, temples, rivers, and other visually pleasing elements that gives a unique identity to this South Indian state. The well-built roads in Kerala offer a comfortable trip to the top tourist places if you have your own vehicle or take public transport. However, if you don’t want to explore this beautiful state like every other traveller and want to add some thrill and adventure to your Kerala trip, look out for biking tours here. A biking tour gives an entirely different experience than regular trips and helps you to get a closer look at the local culture, customs, and traditions

So if you are seeking for an adrenaline rush, ditch the conventional way of exploring Kerala tourist places in buses or private cars, and try out Kerala ride tours. With plenty of riding places in Kerala, you will be thrilled with the joy and fun that comes with biking tours in God’s own country. Unconventional trips like these are always more enriching to the soul than the conventional tour packages if you have the heart to try it.

Kerala: A Biker’s Paradise

Not many people are aware of this, but Kerala is truly a biker’s paradise. Most tourism of Kerala packages may not offer you biking tours, but if you go for a reputed local travel agency, you may find these kinds of thematic or special interest tours. All biking tours in Kerala are conducted under expert supervision for the utmost safety and security of the tourists. The road trails followed during these adventurous trips are very smooth to ride and are devoid of heavy traffic or congestion.

Kerala bike trips are one of a kind experience that brings you close to nature. As you make your way through the serpentine roads flanked by lush greenery and quaint villages to tick off the best places to visit in Kerala, you will feel thankful for deciding to try this out. Kerala cycling tours are fun when you plan it out with friends. Couples who love adventurous trips can also sign up for this kind of special tours in Kerala.

The bikes will be provided to the tourists by respective tour operators with the necessary safety gear. It is the responsibility of the tourists to take care of their bikes during the tour and ensure that it is parked in proper places. As fun as it may sound, biking trips come with a list of the dos and don’ts. You need to adhere to them if you want to make the trip a successful one. You should only opt for the Kerala cycling tour if you are fit enough. Some travel agencies may wish to check your medical records before confirming you for the trip. People with cardiac issues and pregnant women must stay away from this tour package.


Before embarking on a cycle trip to Kerala, keep a few things in mind that will help you enjoy the trip thoroughly. If you are a novice in bike trips, then you should keep a checklist with yourself before you start your trip. This will help you to have a smooth and comfortable journey. The following checklist will help you prepare yourself for the Kerala cycle or bike tour in the best possible way:

  • Always wear your safety helmet while riding a cycle
  • Go for comfortable and breathable clothes on the tour
  • Carry water bottles
  • Keep necessary items like sunglasses and a raincoat with you for emergencies
  • Always follow the map provided by your tour guide
  • Stay close to your group and don’t wander away on your own
  • Follow the instructions provided by your tour guide very carefully
  • If you are carrying any valuables like mobile phones and cameras, it is your responsibility to keep them safe during the trip
  • Although the tour provider will have a first-aid kit, you can also carry your own for added safety.
  • Carry antiseptic sprays to keep yourself safe from insect bites

The Right Month to Cycle

Cycling is not an easy task, whether you do it for your daily commute or relaxation. Cycle trips to Kerala are conducted in such a way that the participants can feel comfortable and enjoy the experience. Hence, these trips are mostly undertaken between September and March, which is the peak time here. During this time, the weather gets delightful and fresh breeze flows throughout the day. You may also experience occasional drizzle sometimes. If you choose to take this trip during the off-season, you won’t be able to enjoy the trip to the fullest due to the increased humidity in the air.

Now that you know what Kerala cycling trips are and when you should go for them, the next thing that you should focus on are the places that you need to cover or can cover as a part of the same tour. A lot of factors go into consideration while planning an itinerary for these trips. Some people might want to cover as many places as possible in a couple of days while some may want to visit only a few places and enjoy their beauty to the fullest. As responsible tour operators, it is their responsibility to create a trip that’s feasible for everyone to accomplish.

Adventure trips are getting increasingly popular among youths and adventure seekers who are always looking to gain something extra from their trip. These adventure trips are planned, keeping in mind the free-spirited nature of the participants and their enthusiasm to achieve something meaningful from these trips.

The 10 Most Beautiful Places to Cycle in Kerala

Among the famous tourist places in Kerala for cycling trips, the best ones are in the alleys of Wayanad, Munnar and the coastal areas of Kerala. The tiny hamlets along the backwaters of Kerala also offer a fantastic backdrop for the adventurous cycling tours. The cycling tours in Kerala is one of the best ways to unwind after a stressful time at work or at home. Whether you accomplish this adventurous experience with a package tour in Kerala, or a cycling club or by yourself, it is always better to have a little background information about the places you’ll visit. It will make the trip much more convenient. Below, we will talk about the top ten popular cycling routes and areas in Kerala and why you should be going there.

cycling-tours-in -Kerala

1.Wayanad Region

Among the numerous places in Kerala to visit during a cycling tour, Wayanad easily tops the list due to its picturesque landscape. The rural district of Kerala has more than one reason for tourists to keep coming back to this place. For anyone who loves exploring new places, Wayanad spoils you with multiple options. The uphill trail through the winding alleys of Wayanad will take you to the tea plantations here that stretch all the way to the Nilgiris in Tamil Nadu. The tea gardens look divine amidst the cloudy skies of the western ghats. As you cycle through the tea gardens, you will make your way to the local spice trading market, cross the dainty villages and sprawling towns, and complete your cycling tour.

Wayanad is also known for its popular tourist attractions like the Banasura Sagar dam, which is the largest earth dam in India. It is located in the foothills of the Banasura hills, and the dam is a part of the Kakkayam Hydroelectric power project. There are a few adjacent temples to the dam, which you can also visit like Shri Ayyappa Mandir, Shri Nath Mandir, Nirur Shiva Mandir. The next stop can be the Chembra peak. It is considered as the best attraction of Wayanad. The peak is a perfect stop for all kinds of adventurous trips. The heart-shaped lake that is visible from the top of the peak is the best attraction here. If you look from afar, you can also get a peek of the adjacent districts of Kozhikode, Malappuram, and Nilgiri. Other popular attraction in Wayanad includes Kuruva island, Pookode lake, Muthanga wildlife sanctuary, Edakkal cave, and Thirunelli temple. As you embark on your cycling trip to Wayanad, you’ll be able to cover most of the tourist places here.

2.Munnar Region

Adventure in Munnar never ceases. There’s so much to explore in this Kerala town that it will easily take up a couple of days to visit them all. Munnar is a romantic town in Kerala known for its picturesque settings and pleasant weather. It has the perfect blend of nature and wildlife that can offer you the much-needed thrill on your cycling trip. At Munnar, you can ride past Eravikulam National Park, which is the home to the endangered Nilgiri Tahr. The park stretches up to 100 square kms and is a home to different species of animals, birds, butterflies, and plants. Once in 12 years, the hill slopes of the park get covered by the Neelakurinji flowers.

Next, you can visit the Anamudi Peak, the highest peak in South India, Mattupetty dam, Pallivasal picnic spot, Chinnakanal waterfall and Top station, the highest point on Munnar-Kodaikanal roadway offering a magnificent panoramic view of the town. Another essential stop for your cycle trip to Kerala should be Munnar’s tea museum. It is a museum run by the Tata Tea, which showcases some of the most exquisite machinery, pictures, and artefacts related to the long history of tea plantation in this area. You can also make your way to tea tasting spots where you can taste different tea flavours and enrich yourself with knowledge about the origin of local tea varieties.

3.Coastal Cycling

Kerala’s idyllic coastline is a great area for biking trips. The coastal cycling trips are perfect for anyone who wants to try them out without taking many risks. If winding up the valleys and rough terrains don’t sound like an enjoyable experience for you, then stick to coastal cycling that takes you on a trip through the beautiful coasts in the laid back towns and fishing villages of Kerala. If you love the sandy beaches and the sound of crashing waves in the sea then you should definitely go for this themed cycling adventure in Kerala with your loved ones.

As you pass through the hidden lanes of the coastal localities, you not only get a glimpse of the daily lives of the people residing there but also get to experience their hospitality as you stop to eat the local food or purchase the local spices or food items. You can also interact with the local people during the bike trip to know more about their life, culture, and traditions and understand what binds them to this place for generations. Also, when you are on a coastal cycling trip, make sure to try out the local cuisine that is made with local spices and tastes heavenly.

4. Backwater Biking

Backwater biking is yet another beautiful area for a cycling trip. Kerala backwaters have their own tales to speak of. It is a completely unique experience in God’s own country, that attracts people from all over the world. The Kerala backwaters are the lifelines for local fishermen who earn their living by fishing on the lakes and rivers present there. The Kerala backwaters extend from Kochi to Kollam with Alleppey being the most prominent entry point of them all. The Kerala backwaters also contribute to local transport and agriculture. If you visit this place during the annual boat race season, known as Vallam Kali, which takes place during the festival of Onam, you will experience a lot of fun and frolic. People come in thousands to witness the majestic boat races on the backwaters of Kerala.

During your Kerala bike trip, you can also enjoy staying in a traditional boathouse and enjoy an overnight stay. Besides, you can also chill and relax with your group, enjoy local food, and set your soul free in the cool breeze of the Kerala backwaters.

5. Munnar to Annamalai

The entire stretch from Munnar to Gundumalai to Marayoor to Annamalai is roughly 90 kms and is one of the most scenic routes to witness the tea plantations and make your way through the dense Shola forest. The beautiful uphill road will give you the joy of travelling like a true local.

6. Nedumudy to Thakazhi

The Nedumudy-Thakazhi-Kavalam-Kannady-Thakazh route in Kuttanad region is known for its acres of paddy fields flanking the narrow roads and quaint villages located on the way. The beautiful path laden with trees and agricultural fields is sure to give your heart a sense of joy.

7. Valparai to Athirapally

The route from Valparai to Athirapally passes through the Idamalayar Reserve Forest. This scenic forest reserve is full of lush greenery, and if you are lucky, you may spot elephants crossing the road or drinking water from the Idamalayar dam. This beautiful road trip that extends to 70 kms approximately is too good to be described in words.

8. Angamoozhy to Vandiperiyar

This is one of the most popular routes for cyclists and nature lovers in Kerala. The route passes through Gavi, which is the south-eastern part of the Periyar National Park. Needless to say, this area is sprawling with nature’s bounty. As you paddle your way through the silent hill road, you will spot the green forest covering the mighty mountains. This 80 km roadway is nothing less than a paradise on earth.

9. Vagamon to Kumily

Vagamon is popularly known as the bald hills or Motta Kunnu. The virgin hill route from Vagamon to Kumily is very serene, and it is something that you must explore on a cycle. The 56 kms stretch will cover the areas of Vagamon to Chenkara to Kumily.

10. Kumily to Suryanelli

The Kumily to Suryanelli route passes from Kumily to Ramakkalmedu- to Chathurangapara to Suryanelli and covers up to 100 kms route in total. This route gives you a glimpse of the large agricultural belt in the area where you can spot green crops cultivated in geometrical fields. A lovely route to cycle, the Kumily to Suryanelli route is a must-visit for every adventure seeker.


It’s fun to seek out adventure trips once in a while, but what can keep you constantly motivated to look out for adventure is getting associated with a cycling club. It helps you to meet and interact with people who share a common interest. There are plenty of bicycle clubs outside India, and the concept is also getting popular here as well. Cycling clubs arrange cycling trips to various locations which you can be a part of.

As you attend more and more cycling trips, you become aware of the benefits and challenges of these kinds of trips. Trips like this help you develop good bonding with your fellow travellers and excitingly discover unexplored paths. If you want to take a different path and make new friends on the way, then joining a cycling club can work on your favour. As you come across different people sharing their love to travel in bikes, you’ll end up getting the much-needed encouragement to seek out for an adventure soon.

If you aren’t comfortable around strangers, you can plan a family or friends cycling tour. Try to look out for packaged tours in Kerala that offers biking tours besides regular tour packages as well.

A cycle trip to Kerala is a unique way to explore the state like never before. When you are with the right group and the right set of people, you can have unlimited fun, explore the beautiful places to see and create unforgettable memories. Whether you are celebrating your birthday, honeymoon, or just looking for a good time with your dear ones in Kerala, a bike trip can be your best choice.

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