What are the interesting things to do in Periyar national park?

There comes a time in everyone’s life when we feel stressed and tired from our busy lives and look for something refreshing. The best way to do this can be a natural yet adventurous trip to rejuvenate in an exciting, relaxing, and fulfilling way in a mesmerizing location.

We suggest that you should take a trip to nature’s paradise Thekkady with a captivating landscape for a perfect trip. Thekkady is located in Kerala and is known for its boundless natural beauty with rich Flora and fauna. Also, it is known for Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary, which is an exemplary reservoir of nature and adventure lovers’ dreamland. Some comprehensive Kerala tour packages give the opportunities to explore this gem of nature.

What is Periyar National park known for?

Periyar National park and wildlife sanctuary is known for its dense forests and rich wildlife. It is a protected place for tigers and elephants. Also, it is filled with unique Valleys and wonders of nature. The Sanctuary has diverse Flora and fauna with an ideal destination for tourists to relax and refresh themselves. Also, there are a lot of opportunities for adventure like boating, trekking, jungle safari along with strolling through gushing waterfalls that are a part of Kerala tour packages.

So, without further ado, let us tell you more about 7 interesting activities do in the Periyar national park:

  • 1. Boat cruising- Tourists can get multiple opportunities to explore the Captiva Periyar National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary. A good way for a safari in the Sanctuary is boating a boat in the water of the Periyar River. The boating gives a chance to catch a picturesque view of the serene landscape and greenery of its abundant wildlife. Also, in a lucky opportunity, you can even see a family of elephants passing through the forest. The best time is early morning. You can take a boat cruise and spot wildlife. Moreover, the 30 minutes boat cruise is available throughout the day so you will not have to miss it.
What are the interesting things to do in Periyar national park?
  • 2. Trekking- In combination with boat cruising, you can get off the boat and go hiking in the forest of Periyar National Park. You can get a closer glimpse of the wildlife and have a nighttime trek to see an unseen side of the forest. However, you cannot go around alone and you need a local guide to accompany you for it. You can experience the diverse flora and fauna with easy trails instead of long excursions that require you to spend your night in the forest. The experience will form the perfect eco-tourism opportunity.
What are the interesting things to do in Periyar national park?
  • 3. Elephant safari- Have you ever tried to get an elephant ride? The Opportunity to get an elephant ride in the sanctuary is a wonderful experience. You can ride through the big Periyar National park on an elephant rather than on a jeep safari which can seem difficult for a tour. Moreover, children often enjoy elephant rides more and it gives a great view of the jungle from a height. Even you can stay safe from tigers that are otherwise fearful of elephants. You will get an elephant safari in the early hours of the day for 30 minutes which can give a more fulfilling experience of elephant safari in Kerala tour packages.
What are the interesting things to do in Periyar national park?
  • 4. Bamboo rafting- Are you an adventure seeker? If yes, you need to try a bamboo rafting experience in the forest areas of Periyar National Park. You can raft through the Periyar River for an exciting experience that lasts for 3 hours. The rafting experience between rolling green hills gives a serene glimpse of the nature around it. Also, some animals are only found near rivers like baby elephants that are playful with tourists. Also, it is a paradise for bird watchers with a suitable landscape for photography enthusiasts.
  • 5. Jeep Safari- You can go on a jeep safari around the national park and wildlife Sanctuary. Also, the adventurous ride gives you an option to get closer to the variety of animals in the National Park. You can see nature in its complete glory with the dense forests and endangered species which are exclusively found only in the Periyar National Park. The jeep safari with family and friends allows you to spend some good and exciting time in the Sanctuary
What are the interesting things to do in Periyar national park?
  • 6. Camping- If you are a wildlife lover, you will get a thrilling experience camping in the Periyar national park and tiger reserve. The camping and trekking program is led by some trained caretakers in the reserve for the safety of the tourists. Also, they are guides that give you fascinating and detailed information and stories about forests. Even while camping you can come across wildlife like elephants, giant squirrels, Nilgiri langurs, and tigers. You camp between lush greenery and mesmerizing hills while having local meals for a rustic and raw experience. Kerala tour packages offer a chance to fulfill the inner adventurous quest in yourself.
  • 7. Stroll through the local spice plantations- Kerala and Thekkady are known around the world for their flavorful and diverse range of spices plantations. Also, in the Periyar national park, you can scent the aroma of flavorful spices in the air. The various spices are planted in some particular places in the national park. Some popular spices grown in the park include pepper, nutmeg, cinnamon, cardamom, voles, and many more. You can stroll through the spice plantation and even buy a lot of spices in the park yourself. These spices of the finest quality are traded throughout the country and form a considerable part of Kerala’s total spice production.

Summing up,

Kerala is full of wonders and one of its wonders is Thekkady which houses the popular Periyar National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary. As a tourist, you can engage in a lot of activities in this gem of Kerala like camping, strolling through the local spice plantations, jeep safari, bamboo rafting, elephant safari, and boat cruising among others.

If you want to explore these activities then you must contact Kerala tour packages. They are experts in Kerala tourism offering affordable and specially designed Kerala tour packages for a more authentic experience of Thekkady and Periyar National Park.

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