Which places should I visit in Thekkady?

Do you want to visit a picturesque landscape that matches the scenery paintings on the walls? If yes, you must take a trip to Thekkady, which is characterized by rolling hills, greenery, soothing winds, and scenic meadows.

Thekkady gets its name from the word “thick” which means teak. The town is located near the Tamil Nadu and Kerala border. The place is popular for its dense evergreen forests and savanna grasslands. Also, you will get to see rich wildlife like elephants, sambar, tiger, gaur Nilgiri langurs.

Moreover, the primary attraction in Thekkady is Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary. It was declared a tiger reserve in 1978. At the same time, the place has an abundance of natural Indian spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, nutcase, ginger, black pepper, etc. You can visit the place solo, in couples, or with your family through a comprehensive Kerala tour package and create some good memories.

You can be assured that a trip to Thekkady will be refreshing and take you closer to nature. Are you wondering what you will do on your visit to Thekkady?

Let us tell you about the best places to visit in Thekkady for a short fulfilling trip:-

  • 1. Periyar National Park- Periyar National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary give you a chance to see the gift of nature to Thekkady. The National Park is known for its scenic beauty, rich biodiversity and it forms a protected place for elephants and tigers. This popular national park of South India is located high in the western ghat ranges with an area of 925 sq km. It was declared a national park in 1982. You must include this Sanctuary in your Kerala tour packages and explore the wonders of nature.
Which places should I visit in Thekkady?
  • 2. Vandanmedu- This small village in the Idukki district is known for the biggest cardamom plantation in India. Also, there is the world’s largest auction center for cardamom as it produces high-quality and rare cardamom. Gradually, developing into a commercial center, this place has an aroma of natural spices filled in its air. Since this place has good climatic conditions and soil, the British were the first to recognize the Opposition to growing pepper, cardamom, and coffee in their region.
  • 3. Pandikuzhi- This green nature lover’s paradise is again known for its natural environment, flora, and fauna. It is a heaven for photographers with deep hills and a unique heritage. The captivating landscape and secluded villages give you a calm, peaceful, and relaxing vibe. Also, you can take some time out for strolling through the Captivating mountains with detailed Kerala tour packages.
  • 4. Chellarkovil Viewpoint- Chellarkovil is a small sleepy village that is located 15 km from the Periyar National Park. It is located at the border of Tamil Nadu and Kerala and attracts tourists from all over the world. It is 1200 km above sea level and popular for its picturesque beauty, landscape, mountains, and gushing waterfalls. Also, the village is an ideal spot for eco-tourism isolated from the busy city life in lush green hills. Even several community-based eco-projects have been started in the village. It is the perfect untouched natural beauty with small huts, watchtower, pathways, and a treasure of medicinal plants.
  • 5. Mangla Devi Temple- Located deep inside the Periyar National Park, this temple is one of the popular places to visit in Thekkady. The Mangla Devi Temple is a pilgrim site for the religious. You can walk through the woods, and witness nature at its best splendor. Also, since the temple is located deep inside the jungle, you’ll get an opportunity to trek and a possible chance to catch a sight of Nilgiri tahrs.
  • 6. Kumily- Kumily is known for its serene beauty with a beautiful view. This small village with deep forests and countryside makes you feel a part of another mesmerizing world. This place is 4 km from Thekkady, which is an ideal place for a vacation that is separated from the busy town. The rolling green hills filled with the aroma of natural spices and tea plantations relax and soothe your soil for a rejuvenating feeling.
  • 7. Mullaperiyar Dam-How about watching the water flowing down from 155 ft at Mullaperiyar dam. The Mullaperiyar dam in Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary gives a popular tiger reserve with the peaceful Periyar lake perfect for boating. The Dam is surrounded by dense trees giving a dreamy view. Also, there is a vantage point where you can get a holistic view of the diverse wildlife of the reserve including animals like tigers, elephants, Indian bison, and macaques. You can experience nature in its vest form with affordable Kerala tour packages
Which places should I visit in Thekkady?
  • 8. Abraham’s Spice Garden- Abraham’s Spice Garden is privately owned. It is one of the unique places in Thekkady that gives a glimpse of the beautiful and rich spices vegetation of Kerala. The garden spread over a Space of 2 acres gives you an option for hands-on experience in the cultivation and processing of spices. If you are fascinated by botany, you will be delighted to see a wide spectrum of spices grown like cinnamon, clover, pepper, turmeric, ginger, and much more.
  • 9. Elephant Junction- Are you a wildlife lover? If yes, then you must take a visit to the Elephant Junction at Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary. It is a treasure of rich Flora and fauna countless wildlife species. There are several animals like elephants, Indian bison, and Nilgiri Tahrs to see there. Also, it gives a closer glimpse into the vibrant tribal culture of Kerala. You stroll through the woods and enjoy the laps of nature in its pristine form. Interestingly, you can get an opportunity to interact and feed elephants that are once in a lifetime opportunity.
Which places should I visit in Thekkady?
  • 10. Spring Valley Mountain- It is a mini-resort along the breathtaking mountains of Thekkady. The rolling hills and green vegetation give the ideal landscape view with stunning beauty and a picturesque view of the amazing insight into God’s own country. The best Kerala tour packages include this destination in a Thekkady trip.

Thekkady is nature’s paradise. You can enjoy adventurous activities like trekking and Jungle Safari. The enchanting tropical woods with natural fauna and fauna will be a stress-relieving therapy to freshen up your mood. You can spend time with animals, enjoy the clean breeze and sit down to watch peaceful weather with wonderful sunrise and sunsets.

Even though you are traveling alone, or with family, Thekkady has something for everyone. Its hidden gems are worth exploring with gorgeous nature reserves. We can assure you that you will have your best time in Thekkady with some beautiful memories.

To explore the hidden gems of Thekkady, you need carefully designed comprehensive Kerala tour packages.

Kerala tour packages offer carefully tailored travel packages for Kerala that give you the perfect experience of God’s own country. You can get expert services at affordable rates with comprehensive travel to the backwaters of India.


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