♦ Kerala State Tourism Award for ‘Most Innovative use of Information Technology’

♦ 'Best Inbound Tour Operator Award' from Ministry of Tourism, Govt. of India

♦ Approved by Ministry of Tourism & Accredited by Kerala Tourism

♦ Kerala State Tourism Award for ‘Most Innovative use of Information Technology’

♦ 'Best Inbound Tour Operator Award' from Ministry of Tourism, Govt. of India

♦ Approved by Ministry of Tourism & Accredited by Kerala Tourism

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What kind of holiday packages travellers prefer to do in 2021-2022?
Last updated: 25 Jun 2021


What kind of holiday packages travellers prefer to do in 2021-2022

Travel tips for your next trip


Lockdowns, social distancing, quarantine these are the common words and Strategies aimed at limiting the mobility of the entire population through measures that require or recommend that residents do not leave the house except for 'essential' activities. The recreational and entertainment centres remain closed and in many countries physical exercises needs to be carried out inside the house as Gyms and yoga centres were not allowed to function. What are the implications when a frequent traveller could not travel, a foodie could not go out explore cuisines, family gatherings with special food and wines, family day outs, weekend stays for couples, unable to go to a mall and watch a movie. When these activities go missing people realised these little things have big impact on ones happiness. Based on the study on behavioural changes due to covid, following holiday packages may be the future choice for vacation options for Globe trotters.


1) Nature Tours

A globe trotter almost missed two years and many travel plans and bucket lists to explore new places comes to a halt. After 2012 travel blogging, creating travel contents on instagram, youtube, Facebook etc became a profession and many travel influencers arisen on all social media platforms by creating new content and inspire more people to travel . There are places which activate dopamine hormones for people who used to travel to the same place every year and these people are under stress due to the inability to travel . Large section of people are trying to go for eco trips to be with nature, to reconnect with nature, talk to people and a new normal holiday package may be combination for visiting natural tourist places for a week and unwind at the beach or do healthcare wellness packages to rejuvenate the body mind and soul. A sample trip is here https://www.keralatourpackages.com/nature-and-ayurveda-wellness/

Nature Tours


2) Cycling tours

Work from home has become a new normal, reports found that the prolonged impact of COVID-required working from home has an increasingly pervasive effect on our mental health – 41.6% of respondents report mental health decline since the COVID-19 outbreak. These people are looking for vacation where they can do some biking through villages or jungles . One such recommended tour is a cycling tour in Kerala https://www.keralatourpackages.com/kerala-cycling-tour/

Cycling Tours


3) Ayurveda, Yoga, Meditation for physical and mental health

Ayurveda and its practices can help anyone to live a life full of peace and health to the core. The centres offering Ayurveda packages and courses have a dedicated setup for it. Many of them design their spaces according to Vastu. The science of Ayurveda is based on the elements of "Kapha", "Pitta", and "Vata", and balancing these elements for good health and happy life. It also involves the use of herbs for various purposes. Ayurveda and herbs go hand in hand to prepare you to fight all the challenges related to any illness. Thanks to its zero side effects, the science is accepted and famous all over the world. As Kerala is the birthplace of Ayurveda, it's probably the best place to learn the magic of this science. Pensioners and senior citizens would likely to spend money more on healthcare tours and an Ayurveda package with yoga and meditation will enhance immunity, rejuvenate body and mind . Private boutique properties like The Ayur Villa in Kovalam with less rooms and privacy with more personalised wellness will turn out be the new trend in wellness tourism.

Ayurveda, Yoga, Meditation for physical and mental health


4) Experiential tourism from Homestay's

People lost social gatherings and interactions and those who wish to intract with local people host in a home stay, an ideal tour https://www.keralatourpackages.com/homestead-holidays/ for exploring village life experiences and understanding more insights in to the culture.

Experiential tourism from Homestay's





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