Which Is A Better Place To Visit, Coonoor Or Wayanad?

When it comes to travel, India is a country full of diversity, rich historical heritage, and tasty Cuisine that invites countless travellers every year. Along with that, the hill stations of India are hidden gems that are known for their captivating beauty.

Hill stations are perfect for relaxing holidays in the laps of nature. India, the land of myths and legends, has made sure to carefully preserve the magic of these places with its river, mountains, and ancient architecture. You might have many reasons to visit India, but today we will tell you about two mesmerising hill stations of South India, Coonoor and Wayanad.

In this article, you will get to know about Wayanad, and Coonoor in detail. Also, we will let you know which one is better on a south India tour.

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What is Coonoor known for?

Coonoor is known for its high-quality Nilgiri production, located in the western ghats of Tamil Nadu. At an elevation of 6000 ft ASL, it is a peaceful sibling to the busy hill town of Ooty that earlier served as a British Resort. Coonoor is situated 20 km from Ooty and is a preferred place for Bollywood shootings.

Also, Coonoor is a house for popular tea plantations of South India. As a tourist, you will get an opportunity for trekking and hiking in the picturesque hills of Western ghats at Coonoor in your South India Tour.

After knowing about Coonoor, let’s know about the popular tourist destinations in Coonoor.

5 Places For Tourists To Visit in Coonoor

  • All Saints Church – It is an English Style Anglican protestant church with antique interiors. For this reason, the church built in 1854, gives it an ideal classic English Countryside appearance. Also, you will get to see a very old pipe organ in this church at Kotagiri road. You will get to feel calm, silent surroundings with pine trees. This church has a memorial of soldiers and commoners who died far from their homes.
Which Is A Better Place To Visit, Coonoor Or Wayanad?
  • Ketti Valley – Next, on our list is Ketti valley. It is the second-largest gorge in the world. You will get to see blue mountains on all sides which makes it a perfect place for nature lovers and photographers. This place on Coonoor-Ooty road can be explored in your next South India Tour. with a 25-minute toy train ride and you will get a rare breathtaking view of the Nilgiri hills. Also, there are Pony Needles manufactured here and local tribes take up the fruit a day vegetable cultivation for a living.
  • Highfield Tea Estate – Are you an ardent tea lover? If yes, you can visit the tea estate for an exotic tea tasting session for every tea lover. It is situated 2 Km northeast of Upper Coonoor. This 50-year-old tea factory gives a fresh tea aroma with high quality and diverse tea varieties in the air. Moreover, there are special study tours for tea lovers who can see tea processing sessions in front of their eyes. There is a shop where you can buy flavoured teas for yourself on your South India Tour.
Which Is A Better Place To Visit, Coonoor Or Wayanad?
  • Catherine Falls – Another scenic gem of Tamil Nadu is Catherine Falls. It is one of the most stunning things to see with an easy drive from Dolphin’s road. It streams down from the big height surrounded by thick rainforests. You can visit it for free and get once in a lifetime experience.
  • Indian Bakery – The trip to Coonoor won’t be complete without a stroll to the local bakery. You must visit the popular Indian Bakery with multiple tasty delights. However, make sure to have a good appetite to try on its different assortments of food.

What Is Wayanad Known For?

Wayanad is a green dreamland in the western ghats at the border of Kerala. It has a clean and mesmerising place with a heritage of rich history and culture. It is situated at a distance of 76 km from the busy Kozhikode city. Wayanad is known for its natural plantations, forests, and diverse wildlife. This natural abode is a paradise for nature lovers. It is characterised by thick forests, jungles, and deep valleys. Also, it strategically connects it with Ooty, Mysore, Bangalore, Coorg, and Kannur which makes it easy for travellers to visit.

5 Places For Tourist To Visit in Wayanad

  • Edakkal Caves – It is the only structure In India that has 8000-year-old carvings. It dates back to the Neolithic age located at the age of 3937 feet above sea level. Also, these two caves in the Ambukuthi Hills are perfect for a trek. Also, it is a paradise for history lovers and archeology students. Students can study carvings of human figures and animals and visit these mysterious caves that are like a dreamland.
  • Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary – This is a wildlife sanctuary that houses rare and endangered species of flora and fauna. This is an ideal tourist spot for nature and wildlife lovers spread across an area of 345 sq km. It is one of the best tourist places in Wayanad for nature and wildlife enthusiasts. The place is characterised by moist deciduous forests and diverse plantations. Here, you can see the greenery and plantations of bamboo, teak, oak, and eucalyptus. On your next South India Tour, you can go on a jungle safari for a thrilling and adventurous time where you can see elephants, panthers, tigers, cuckoos, peacocks, deer, and bison who are free to roam in the Sanctuary.
Which Is A Better Place To Visit, Coonoor Or Wayanad?
  • Meenmutty Falls – This wonderful treat hidden in the laps of nature is a popular attraction for Wayanad tourists. The 3-tiered waterfall is 984 feet long and situated in verdant green forests. You can reach this place with a 2 Km trek and there are many decks for sightseeing. Also, don’t forget to take your cameras along to capture the enchanting views on your South India Tour.
  • Kurva Island – This island in the Kabini River is a gift of nature. The place is surrounded by fresh water and has thick evergreen forests with exotic species of flora. You can even spend some quality time in soulful surroundings that can soothe your soul, taking away your stress. Interestingly, it offers a chance to tourists for boating, rafting, jungle walks, and river safari.
Which Is A Better Place To Visit, Coonoor Or Wayanad?
  • Thirunelli Temple – Last on the list is Thirunelli Temple which is devoted to Lord Vishnu. It is an ancient religious site in Kerala with an idol of Lord Vishnu that is believed to be installed by Lord Brahma himself. This temple in the Brahmagiri Hills has a peaceful aura that attracts devotees. Even pilgrims perform ancestral rites and other rituals on the banks of the Papanashini stream. It is said that this stream washes away all sins.

Summing up,

Coonoor and Wayanad are two different hill stations in South India with thick forests, hills, rivers. Also, it houses diverse Flora and fauna with a captivating landscape that makes you cherish the wonders of nature. There is often a question among the tourists: which is a better place to visit, Coonoor or Wayanad?

Let’s answer this question.

Both the places are known for their breathtaking beauty and are beautiful in their way. If you are a nature lover and prefer to explore waterfalls, Valleys, and tea plantations then you must visit Coonoor on your next South India Tour. However, if you prefer to explore wildlife, caves, temples, and islands then you must visit Wayanad.

You can visit both and either of these places in a comprehensive Kerala tour package. For this, Kerala tour packages offer affordable South India Tour planned with first hand Kerala experience for a more authentic and diverse experience of the backwaters of India.


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