What are the famous things to buy while touring to Wayanad?

Shopping is a significant part of a vacation trip. You cannot just visit a beautiful place without purchasing some local specialties from there. In our country, people often buy local things from a trip, particularly for their other family members who could not join the trip as a token of memory. You might not know that some people just go on shopping trips to Hong Kong and Europe, to get something that is more affordable or unavailable at their home.

Do you prefer to go shopping on your vacations? If yes, you must take a trip down to Wayanad in your next South India tour, to get some of the most authentic and high-quality local items from there.

In this article, we will tell you more about Wayanad, and things to buy while touring Wayanad.

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What Is Wayanad Known For?

Wayanad is a nature’s gift to South India that is known for its wildlife and spice plantations. The place hidden in the laps of nature and greenery is a part of forest reserves on the border of Tamil Nadu. You can visit Wayanad for its mesmerizing scenic beauty and beautiful green coverage. It is 76 km away from the city of Kozhikode, and it is a natural abode for wildlife species with a peaceful climate. It is easy to visit Wayanad, in your next South India Tour, because it is strategically located which makes it easy to travel to other hill stations like Ooty, Mysore, Bangalore, Coorg and Kannur.

What are the famous things to buy while touring to Wayanad

Why Do You Need To Go Shopping In Wayanad?

The beautiful destination of Wayanad is a natural delight and shopping center in Kerala. It produces a significant part of the aromatic and flavourful spices from Kerala. Also, there is a flourishing handicraft and high-quality handloom products market in Wayanad city. So, it gives to you multiple stuff for remembrances like handicraft products like coconut shells, ivory, canes, wood, and metals here. You will even further garments, textiles, and furniture of good quality and affordable rates.

What Are The Popular Markets In Wayanad?

You will get to see multiple people’s markets in Wayanad like Trident Arcade, Dubai Shopping center, Easwaran Nanmboodiri and Shanthi Pappadam. Let us tell you about each one in detail.

  • 1). Dubai Shopping Center – Don’t get confused by its name, this Shopping centre is located near Corporate Hospital and Assumption Junction in Wayanad. You can even get a DTh TV broadcast service from this Shopping Center.
  • 2). Trident Arcade – This popular Mall near Sulthan bathery. Here, you can shop for gifts of remembrance for your family and friends, bags, and Crockery among others.
  • 3). Easwaran Nanmboodiri – This other Shopping site in Wayanad is located near Vivekananda Hospital. It is the best place to shop for Stationery books and there is even a shopping mall near this place.
  • 4). Santhi Pappadam – If you are looking for a shopping mall or stationery shop in Wayanad, you can visit Santhi Pappadam near the market road.

After telling you about the popular shopping destinations, let us tell you about the best things to buy in Wayanad.

5 Best Things to Buy in Wayanad

There are multiple popular and local items in Wayanad, that can be shopped for use and memories. Let’s tell you about them.

  • 1). Tea and Coffee – Multiple things in Wayanad attract tourists from all around the world in this captivating greenery and mountainous landscape. Here, there are multiple plantations of tea and coffee. It is a mesmerizing experience to stroll through these plantations and witness their production process. After exploration, you can buy those high-quality and diverse varieties of tea and coffee from its plantations. It is a soothing experience to taste and drink the authentic South Indian coffee cultivated in the green fields of Wayanad on your next South India tour.
  • 2). Honey – Apart from tea and coffee, travelers like to buy natural and pure honey collected by tribal people in the thick forests of Wayanad. Pure honey is a popular item in the international market because there is no chemical processing involved in it. Interestingly, the local people dip gooseberries in honey, which is a popular shopping item in the South India tour.
What are the famous things to buy while touring to Wayanad?
  • 3). Spices – This list would have been incomplete without one of the most selling items of Wayanad, spices. As a traveler, you will get an opportunity to business local, flavorful and aromatic local spices from Wayanad. Among other spices, pepper is highly in demand in the international market.
  • 4). Gold Jewelry – A lesser-known item to buy from Kerala on South India tour is gold jewelry. There are multiple shops in Sulthan Bathery and Kalpetta that sell gold jewelry. Also, the majority of the gold jewelry is designed and created by the locals which makes it authentic, detailed, and beautiful.
  • 5). Handicraft –You will get to see innumerable handicraft items in Wayanad. Also, these items reflect the traditions and culture of Kerala. Along with that, they sell Eucalyptus oil, a variety of spices, dried fruits, fashion jewelry, kitchen equipment, candles, wooden utensils, chocolates, and pickles. People often stroll through the local market and purchase furniture and craft items made from bamboo.
  • 6). Others – In Wayanad, there are several shops for Spices, coffee, tea, bamboo articles, and herbal plants here. Along with that, there are items like garments, textiles and furniture that are also available in the market of Wayanad. Even the Ivory and coconut shell craft, Aranmula mirrors, Chinese ceramics, and specialties of Wayanad.

Summing up,

As a traveler to Wayanad, shopping adds a charm to the delightful experience of visiting the natural abode of Wayanad. The majority of the visitors prefer to buy local spices, natural products, and tea or coffee. So, if you are planning a trip to Wayanad, you must buy a lot of stuff and enjoy the experience of local shopping on the South India tour.

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