How Can I Make A Good Use of 3 Days Sightseeing in Kerala?

When you travel to a new place, there is a feeling of excitement, happiness, thrill, and a little bit of adventure. Everyone has experienced an exciting trip at least once in their life. A simple Sightseeing Tour in any city can refresh you in the best possible way that improves your health and make you feel happy in life with a lot of memories.

Do you want to go on an exciting Sightseeing Tour? If yes, a natural wonder that’s perfect for an adventurous trip in Kerala, God’s own country.

In this article, we will tell you why you should choose Kerala for a 3-day trip, the best places to visit in Kerala, and the ideal 3 days Kerala tour packages for a memorable trip.

How Can I Make A Good Use of 3 Days Sightseeing in Kerala

Why Choose Kerala For Your Next Trip?

Kerala comes among the top options when we list the most beautiful places in India. The enhancing backwaters in Kerala are surrounded by dense green forests and rolling hills amid misty mountains. Kerala has a rich historical heritage with an essence of vibrance and peace. It is full of modern cities, hill stations, and village towns that attract tourists from throughout the world. Also, the state authorities have developed several adventure activities like rafting, trekking, jungle safari, river safari hiking, etc for the tourists to enjoy. You can take a break from the monotony of life and visit Kerala for an enjoyable 3 day weekend Kerala tour.

So, after telling you more about Kerala, let us tell you about the 5 places For a 3 Days Kerala tour.

5 Places To Visit In Your 3 Days Trip To Kerala:

Let us tell you about the 5 places to visit in your 3 day Kerala tour-

  • (1). Alleppey – It is known for its peaceful water streams and canals that form the backwaters. Earlier, during the British era, lord Curzon called it the ‘Venice of the East. You can relax in the houseboat at the natural backwaters that give a picturesque view of its scenic beauty. It gives you a relaxing feel and brings freshness to your life.
  • (2). Munnar – If we talk about the hill stations in a Kerala tour, you must choose Munnar. The high mountain slopes in Munnar with green tea farms span 80,000 miles. You will get a soothing feel by strolling through the countless organic farms that give it a natural feel. Also, you can visit the place at any time of the year and it has an old colonial vibe that reflects in the destination.
How Can I Make A Good Use of 3 Days Sightseeing in Kerala?
  • (3). Wayanad – Wayanad is a gem in Kerala that has a peaceful and captivating beauty. Also, the tradition of the wayanad has a tribal heritage that is worth exploring. Even the biodiversity and rich wildlife of Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary attracts tourists from around the globe. At the same time, it has less crowd in comparison to other places or attractions like waterfalls and trekking spots that are must-visit sites.
  • (4). Kumarakom – Do you want to spend some peaceful time along the captivating location sipping natural coconut water? If so, you must visit Kumarakom and enjoy the backwaters, having authentic, traditional cuisine of Kerala. Also, there is a Vembanad Lake nearby with rich biodiversity and a variety of wildlife. Tourists can engage in multiple adventurous activities like boating, houseboat cruising, fishing, and Sightseeing. You can even go for a boat trip across the nearby islands for a Trip full of memories.
  • (5). Kochi – Kochi is an easy-to-reach vibrant city in Kerala. Also, nearly all the Kerala tour packages include the port city of Kochi. Interestingly, this port has a rich history of trade with the British, Portuguese, and Dutch in the past. This commercial city of Kerala has a fascinating cultural heritage that gives it the title of ‘Queen of Arabian Sea.
How Can I Make A Good Use of 3 Days Sightseeing in Kerala?

After talking to you about the best places to visit in a 3-day Kerala tour, let us tell you about the ideal tour plan for Sightseeing In Kerala.

An Ideal Kerala Tour Plan For 3 Days Sightseeing In Kerala:

  • (1). 3 Days Wayanad Tour Package – Wayanad is a leading travel destination with misty mountains and gushing downpours. There are multiple attractions like Chembra Peak, Pakshipathalam, Edakkal Caves, Soochipara Falls, and Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary to visit. You can go Sightseeing, strolling, and trekking at the hill station.
How Can I Make A Good Use of 3 Days Sightseeing in Kerala?
  • (2). 3 Days Munnar Travel package – Munnar is known for its captivating hills and green mountains with cascading waterfalls and lush plantations. Also, there are protected wildlife sanctuaries and bird sanctuaries that are a delight for every animal lover. You must try the exotic authentic seafood and enjoy adventure sports. Lastly, travelers make sure to visit tea plantations and waterfalls in the beautiful destination.
How Can I Make A Good Use of 3 Days Sightseeing in Kerala?
  • (3). 3 Days Kochi Alleppey Houseboat Package – You can visit multiple architectural and historical sites in the coastal and populous city of Kochi. There are multiple shopping centers in the city with tasty local food. Next, you can go for houseboat cruises in the rustic backwaters of Kerala. It is a delight for every beach lover where you can explore the lighthouse and take part in boat races.
  • (4). 3 Days Kumarakom, Alleppey Tour Package – Kumarakom is known for its rustic backwaters in Kerala. It is located near Vembanad Lake, the largest lake in the state of Kerala. It is a more rural place with luxury resorts, particularly for tourists. On the other hand, even Alleppey has peaceful streams where you can live in a houseboat. You can enjoy boating, rafting, and strolling through the dense forest and calm waters in your Kerala tour.
  • (5). 3 Days Athirapally, Kumarakom Tour Package – Athirapally is a small talkative and hidden gem of Kerala. You can get to see captivating waterfalls with parallel streams, which is a rare natural sight. Next, Kumarakom is known for its backwaters, water canals, houseboats, museums, and bird sanctuaries.
How Can I Make A Good Use of 3 Days Sightseeing in Kerala?

Summing up,

3 days Kerala tour for Sightseeing will be worth your time. You will come back with a stress-free, calm and relaxed mind coupled with adventurous memories.

Are you planning to go on a 3 day Kerala tour?

Kerala tour packages are your ultimate travel partner that will give you special travel packages based on their local knowledge about Kerala. This will make your trip special, comfortable and affordable. So, why wait to contact us now.


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